A Visit Into My Past, Present, and Future

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I just finished a wonderful week in Boston and I am on the train to visit my good friend Erica, on the way back home. On my visit, I ventured around the whole city, networked, visited friends, and walked/hiked 30 total miles. As some of you might now, I was born in Boston and the friends who I visited have been with me ever since I was 3. A dream of my in 2016 is that I want to move up to Boston, because the area has this magical feel that helps me think straight and feel I can be my true self. My life feels revalidated by just walking around the city. This visit was a combination of reliving my past where I was born, living in the present moment, and then planning for my future goal of living up here!

I decided since this trip was to celebrate my graduation, I decided to take the train up to Boston and back to Baltimore and ultimately DC. Riding the train helped me see a perspective of the Eastern US that I would have missed taking the car or flying. The train is great in that you are not at the mercy of traffic on the NJTP/I-95 and you see things that you would miss out in a plane or train such as unique communities, unique ecosystems, and the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean in CT. You learn to appreciate each moment and how different people live. After arriving, I ventured to places that I haven’t seen before as I only lived in Boston for only the first year of my life and these places only locals really know. I jogged along the Charles River and ventured into Allston, Brighton, and Brookline for the first time ever. These are the western end of the city away from most of the tourist attractions such as the Prudential Tower and Fenway Park. I networked with some alumni from St. Mary’s and really got a new perspective. My take is Bostonians for the most part are nice and friendly folks who enjoy helping others and open-minded who have a strong sense of community. GO RED SOX/PATRIOTS/CELTICS/BRUINS/REVOLUTION ALL DAY AND ANY DAY! Thank you to those alumni who met with me and gave me tips about the layout of Beantown.

The rest of the time that in the city, I visited a rooftop garden and I thought about having a bird’s eye view about life. It was in Cambridge and looking over Back Bay and the Financial District of Boston and it connected back to my time on the Wilson Bridge in Alexandria, VA when I looked over the DC skyline and connected back to the important monuments dedicated to our American history. There are the people that helped form this great nation and the buildings that will help shape our future. Similarly, I saw the historical sights that were important in creating America’s independence and how we got our Bill of Rights. I thought about how far I came in terms of graduating college and how St. Mary’s had a permanent impact on who I am as a person. I learned to understand different perspectives and I learned to really appreciate people for who they are, not what they offer. Also I saw the numerous paths that I could pursue  as life. College graduation is a happy time and it is where we forge our paths in the world! Also I returned to good old Fenway Park. This was my 6th tour of Fenway and I always learn something new when I go back to Fenway so there is never a dull tour or moment. Also kudos to ownership for a vegetable garden there, as that’s awesome we are having fresh vegetables. Everytime, I come out of Fenway, I feel refreshed and empowered to carry on with my life. The atmosphere of awesomeness, my love of the Red Sox, motivation clears my mind and pushes me to continue with my goals! Come and get it boys, the World Series for Big Papi!

I stayed in North Andover and I got to see an in-depth look at my friends’ neighborhood and got to see Salem, home of the witch hunts. I hiked about 10 miles (30-20 miles that I hiked in Boston). I returned to Ward Reservation and I enjoyed seeing the dichotomy of the Boston skyline in the background and the rolling hills of the New England countryside. The skyline represented a goal to aspire to and the hills show the up and downs of life and the variety of choices people take. Also shout out to Annie, dogwalker, a new friend that I met while writing at the top of Holt Hill. It was dog heaven up there my friends and I enjoyed talking to Annie about life and thinking about how great nature is to help remind you of your goals. Later that afternoon, I ventured up to the hill behind there house and saw one of the more picture perfect views of the rolling hills, a New England bog with herons and all sorts of unique grasses, and a peaceful forest. In that journey, I thought about how slowing down and the process is half the fun as the final results. Also how our actions now will influence the future.  So let’s make good decisions and let’s rock on my friends.

Boston hope to see you soon if/when I move up there. Rock on my friends! In the conclusion, here is the unique ecosystems in New England that I ventured upon on my trip.





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Graduation 2016 Now What?

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! This morning I graduated from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and changed from a student to an alumni, when my tassel went from right to left! I had a wide dynamic of emotions today ranging from happy to sad to confused to scared to ecstatic. When I woke up, I felt surprisingly devoid of emotions and wondered why am I so calm on graduation? Then I ventured over to the ARC to get ready and walk to the Greens. The speeches today were very empowering and how we can use the tools to really make a positive difference in the world. I sure will and I won’t let you down Tijuanda! Also thank you for the loud applause  my friends as I walk the stage! It was an honor to serve you all as a doorman and one who brightens everyone’s days. I will come back just to hold the door. St. Mary’s you gave me opportunities to find friends of a lifetime, chance to discover myself, and give me the skills to better the world. St. Mary’s thank you for helping me find passion for writing, my love of being positive, and cultivate my mathematics passion. I am much different than the 18-year old boy who arrived in August 2011. I am more mature and see things in many shades of color.


Today, I said goodbye to friends, celebrated 5 years of hard work, and prepared to take on the challenges of the real world. Thank you for everyone who helped me through my days when the northwest winds of problems were roaring. From playing board games to karoke parties to sharing jokes to watching football and to being the doorman at Goodpaster, I am honored to know you and I know you will really dominate out there in the world! My friends it’s time for us to part from the River for now, but I know we will return. I am excited to see our futures.

Thank you for being there for me and don’t worry St. Mary’s, I’ll be back for long.



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How Time and Life is Fleeting?

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I hope my fans in Maryland have been staying dry lately, as that stationary front man has just been stalling over us and sending us a tropical connection or moist flow or what man? But I digress. What I have been thinking about as it is just 3 days until I walk the stage in my cap and gowns is how time and life is fleeting! I started to notice in elementary school  how fast people come and go and how fast time flies. I went to a private school from 1st grade to 5th grade and then I switched to a public school. Most of my elementary school friends, I unfortunately lost touch with when I switched to JW and I found new friends and became the positive person that stands before you today! In that transition, I learned as time moves forward so do opportunities to really make a positive stand in life! In that transition and with time, I learned to enjoy every moment in life and learn all good and bad moments come to an end. Also to never take anything or anyone for granted in life! My freshman year, I made some awesome friends Amanda, Lauren, Rob, and Bryan who taught me some great life lessons of loving life and chasing your dreams. Bryan, I especially enjoyed our late night conversations on life and writing. I’m sure you’re killing it in South Korea teaching English!!!! Also Lauren thank you for encouraging me to chase my dreams!!! My first summer at St. Mary’s, I met Efrem and Stephen. I remember discussing how they remained calm through adversity and if everyone can be who they truly want to be, the world will be a whole lot better. Efrem also your story inspired me on how you overcame so much to come to college. I read your story and it speaks volumes to your awesomeness. Whenever, I feel unmotivated, your story pushes me forward to the end zone. Hope to see you sometime soon.

People wonder why I suddenly remember people that I haven’t talked to in a while? Well my friends, I reflect every night and I truly don’t forget everyone who I had the privilege of interacting with. If I enjoyed meeting you and we lost touch, I still love you and I’m rooting you from a distance. I hope we meet in the future and we can talk again about life and I can thank you for what you did. If we do, then tell me what you have been up to and much looking forward to it. If we don’t, all the best to you and hope you get your dreams and that you enjoy each fleeting moment! In the last few days for graduation, I have been saying bye to my friends who left and who have been great to me. Thank you for cheering me up on my rough days and thank you for being there for me. I will cherish every moment that I had with you. As for those of you tired of rain, I am happy to say that the rain will become fleeting as high pressure comes in from the northwest on Sunday. Next week starts off sunny as of now. Enjoy the rain though, as it is great for reflection and a sign of a fresh chance. Also, I enjoy singing in the rain. Try it, you will feel young again and happy. Then you will be mentally renewed. Everyone graduating in the next few weeks, good luck and make your mark on the world!



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Finished With Undergraduate Career

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I am happy to report that I am finally finished with my undergraduate classes and coursework! Took my ultimate final for Money and Banking and here I am all done. I want to reflect on how far I have come from my first day here at St. Mary’s. I remember, the first day that my dad dropped me off in front of Dorch. I remember moving into smelly old Dorch and meeting the friends for the first time. The emotions of starting somewhere new and finding the chance of really discovering my true self were vibrating through my mind crazily. Also many questions were going through my mind of whether I made the right decision. But in the end, I know I made the right decision. St. Mary’s has transformed me! I have become more efficient with time, found passion in writing, made some lifelong friends, became more compassionate, learned not to let negatives sink me down, and to keep moving forward. I also learned how to fight my anxiety and not let my problems get to me.

537 538

Where do I start with my favorite memories from St. Mary’s. From playing card games with my friends, to having passionate class discussions in Money and Banking, Asian Studies, being the conductor at the Goodpaster Express, working at the front desk, talking late into the night with my friends, swimming in the river, and just spreading cheers. Shout out to everyone who has been cheering me up on my down days. I don’t have one favorite memory here, as these have been the best 5 years of my life. While I’m sad, I am ready to move on. YEAH got another things checked off of my 2016 goals:). Now, I am going to think about trying to get up to Boston and score a job up there. Now off to planning to network and sightsee up in Boston. Boston, your buddy Peekay is coming on up and hopefully for a few years at least. GO RED SOX/PATRIOTS/CELTICS/WICKED PISSAH/YANKEES SUCK!!!

Rock on you guys and everyone here at St. Mary’s next year, after I graduate keep St. Mary’s weird. Also here’s a play remembering my time here at St. Mary’s.

Joe’s Joyful Jingles

By: Peekay Serendipitous Than



Narrator: There are less than 50 days until graduation and seniors are scrambling around feverishly for job searching and making sure they are able to graduate on-time in May. This play will take us through random positive moments and really tell us how living in the moment can really help turn our futures positive. Also, Joe will teach us how to live each day to the fullest and let every minute count.


Scene 1-Gillette Hall and Reliant Hall


Joe Brady: Facing the audience as he welcomes people to Money and Banking while holding the door at Gillette Hall. Welcome to Money and Banking. Here we are my friends, only 43 days until I graduate. What a great day it is and I’m maximizing my possible returns on my investments and I’m working hard and playing hard and I can do what I need to do.


Tom Flacco: Well whop-dee-fuckin’-doo for you Joe, not all of us are high on yourselves like you man. 43 days until I have to face reality, so denial is what I do best. I’m nothing but shit man, because I can’t do nothing right outside of campus.


Joe: WELL THAT’S BULLSHIT TOM!!! You are smart and you can do well in the real world. The one thing that I noticed that you do well is great analysis skills and just being flat out you.


Tom: Gee thanks Joe and that means a lot coming from you. We got a Money and Banking test on Friday and I have been so nervous about that man. I fucked up the last exam man royally. Judging by your high-pitched scream when Russ returned our exam, I say you did well.


Joe: I did actually Tom. I study alone, however I do have a special way to learning. Do you like football?


Tom: Like does not do my passion justice. That is my Sunday man!


Joe: I do too man. I’m Ravens all day bro! Also Redskins, Patriots, Packers, Chargers, Panthers, Texans, and 49ers! FUCK THE COWBOYS AND STEELERS!!!!


Tom: Me too man!


Joe: CAW-CAW! Well, I make memes with football players and Big Ben and Tony Fartmo are the scapegoats of my jokes. Here give me your email and I will send them out.


Tom: Yes please!!!


Joe: I sure will dude! Well, here comes Russ and I’m about to sound the door chime so peace! Morning Russ.


Russ Bernake: Morning Joe J. Ready to learn about stocks and money flows.


Joe:  Yes sir, I am ready to maximize my rate of return, minimize risk, and maximize liquidity of knowledge.


Russ: Well let’s get going. Today we will discuss how bonds work and how different maturities together.


Joe: Maturities has to do with how long until the bond gets repaid and all interest.


Russ: That’s right Joe. Russ continues to lecture on maturities of bonds and the Feds and how banking system got better.


Tom: Guess we can’t do without regulation.


Russ: I’m afraid so.


Joe: Yeah Tom, now that way insightful!


At the end of the class.


Russ: Well you have a great day and please bring any questions for next class, as our next test is on Friday.


Joe: Sounds great and Tom, I will email these memes out to you as soon I get to the Reliant Hall lobby.


Tom: Thanks man, you’re the best.


Tom exits stage right, while Joe walks over to the Reliant lobby singing It’s a Beautiful Morning. Abby comes out of the classroom and enters stage left excited to see Joe.


Abby Culliver: Good morning Joe, how was Money and Banking? I’m struggling in that class man. Abby and Joe hug.


Joe: Very fun today and I made some memes for the next exam with the Redskins in them at the expense of Dallas, knowing that you are a Washington fan. Would you like me to email them to you?


Abby: That would be great Joe!


Joe: Give me one more hug and I will get on it immediately J. Abby and Joe hug and then Joe starts up his computer and sends the memes out. OK, now let’s get some work done. Let’s get the computer up and get on some memes. Let’s talk about options and futures and how Tony Romo sucks. Here’s Tony arguing with Ed about options and futures. Joe types up a joke and starts laughing and Frederick enters stage right.


Frederick Cousins: Joe what is so funny my friend?


Joe: Just studying by making jokes at the expense of the Dallas Pussyboys. Want to see?


Frederick: YES PLEASE!!! Frederick looks over at the jokes and starts laughing. Wow man, now we’re talking!


Joe: Yes indeed, could you ban me from your place until Friday? I have an exam Friday and Friday is when I will come over to spend the night.


Frederick: Joe Serendipitous Brady, you are banned from FedEx Commons until Friday after classes, where the court of Fantastic Frederick Cousins will summon you to FC 60 for a night of fun! YOU LIKE THAT! Also, could you ban me from Smash until Friday afternoon as I have lots of work to do too?


Joe: I LIKE THAT/YOU LIKE THAT! And FREDERICK RYAN COUSINS the court of Jovial Joe Serendipitous Brady bans you from Smash until Friday afternoon, when classes ended! YOU LIKE THAT!!!! Got to get back to work, so high-five and peace!


Frederick: See you Friday! Frederick exits stage left. Joe continues to type.


Joe: Let’s send this off to Abby and Tom. Now to get some job applications done, Joe you handsome devil you. Joe opens up Indeed and starts networking with some people. Well, I see I got some connections here up in Boston and I will start applying to jobs. The possibilities are endless where you end up. All you have to do is believe in yourself. I want to apply to research, market companies, and I can’t figure it out. There is so much to offer in life.


Tony enters stage left from the left wing of Reliant.


Tony Reed: Joe my main man!


Joe: What’s up Tony? How are you doing on this Wonderful Wednesday? Joe and Tony high-five.


Tony: Pretty good. Wow Joe you are a machine bro!


Joe: You know it man.


Tony: Show me your ways my man!


Joe: I’m working here, but I will be happy to chat you later when my work is done.


Tony: I gotcha man. Tony exits stage right.


Joe: Peace man. I will apply to these jobs now. Joe finishes submitting documents and types for a few minutes. Off to Microeconomics now. Joe exits stage right.


Scene 2-M&T Patio


Narrator: We now take it out to lunch, where Joe leads cheers for St. Mary’s here man! Without further or do, here is Joyful Joe dancing out here.


Joe: Ok let’s put my shit down on the patio. Joe drops his shit on the table. Now let the party begin. Joe takes off his Baltimore Ravens T-shirt and waves it like a flag. FIRST DOWN BALTIMORE CAW-CAW! Joe starts singing YMCA!  Young man are you listening to me, Joe continues to sing while everyone joins in and smiles walking across the stage. Hannah comes in all stressed out, but smiles broadly at Joe.


Hannah Forsett: Hey Joe, how are you my man?! Here’s your hug.


Joe: Hey Hannah Joe and Hannah hug I’m great! How are you today?


Hannah: Not doing too bad. Got a big Orgo Test!


Joe: Oh fuck, well you got this and rock on! Warm weather all this week.


Hannah: Oh great, well enjoy your meal and thank you for the pep talk. Hannah and Joe hug one last time.


Joe: Catch ya later Hannah! Hannah exits stage right as Joe continues singing. Joe turns to the whole patio and yells, YOU’RE AWESOME GUYS, DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU’RE NOT, BECAUSE THEY’RE WRONG! Casey and Jenny walk across the patio and see Joe and they lighten up when they see Joe even more than Baltimore does everytime the Ravens score a touchdown!


Casey Perriman and Jenny Wallace: YOU’RE MORE AWESOME JOE!!!




Casey, Joe, and Jenny group hug and then Casey and Jenny exit stage right.


Bill enters stage left and sits down at the table with Joe’s stuff on it.


Bill Smith Sr: Hey man, you mind if I sit here?


Joe: Not at all my man! By the way, I’m Joe a senior here at St. Mary’s!  Joe reaches out to shake Bill’s hand.


Bill: Hey man I’m Bill. Bill and Joe shake hands. I’m a senior in high school on tour of different colleges. I’m here at St. Mary’s.


Joe: Welcome to St. Mary’s Bill and what do you want to study?


Bill: I want to study psychology and GO RAVENS!!


Joe: CAW-CAW in a high-pitched voice.  Yes sir, I have plenty of connections in the psych department and we have one of the best programs in the country. Also we have an honor’s college! I have some emails that I will write down, tell them that your awesome handsome devil new friend Joe Brady sent you, Bill. We got Scott Mirabile, Renee Dennison, James Mantell, and Dr. Libby Williams. You can call Dr. Scott and James, James. The others are more formal and want to be called doctor their last name. Joe writes down the names on a piece of paper and gives it to Bill. Anymore questions for me Bill?


Bill: Actually yes. What is St. Mary’s student life like?


Joe: We pride ourselves on the St. Mary’s Way of respect and being the best we can be. Also, we strive to Keep St. Mary’s Weird! There are many activities to do here, so you don’t want to leave campus such as SMUT, sailing, and parties. But no crazy parties like at UMD. Look at me, I’m dancing shirtless on the patio and making Raven noises and everyone’s cheering! Also watch my commentary. Joe amps up his voice! Joe Flacco at the Baltimore 20 yard line handoff to Terrence West flea-flicker back to Joe and Joe bombs one deep to Mike Wallace who grabbed it with one hand at midfield with defenders draped all over him and a flag down at midfield, Mike eludes tackle foot #28 trying to bring him down, Mike gets away from him and runs past 5 people, a footrace down the north sideline, one man to beat he might HE COULD AND HE GOES ALL THE WAY TOUCHDOWN. But let’s check the flag at midfield, which looks to go against Pittsburgh. Here’s the ref Ed, PASS INTERFERENCE DEFENSE NUMBER 57 PENALTY IS DECLINED, TOUCHDOWN BALTIMORE!!!! Thank you Ed and with 2 minutes left in the fourth here at M&T and the Ravens up by 21, the hay is in the barn!


Bill: Joe you are something else man! I have to go in a few, but thanks. I think you swayed me into coming here.


Joe: YEAH WHOO-HOO!!! Please do and if you have any questions let me know!




Joe: CAW-CAW TO YOU TOO BILL AND PEACE!!! Tony comes over for lunch with a large grin on his face.


Tony: Joe my man, I can hear you clear to the fuckin’ bell tower!


Joe: Holy fuck that’s amazing Tony. Joe, you are a riot and you outdone yourself this time you handsome devil you. Tony would you like to know my secret about working hard and playing hard.


Tony: Sure man, let’s hear it!


Joe: learned in life that you can only focus on certain things in life. I tailor my major to what’s important to me and certain hobbies that I focus such as chilling with friends, watching football, and hiking. That way, I know what’s important and I schedule work and play each day. I do school work each day my friend and do something fun, that way I am motivated to live life FUCK YEAH!!! I do work in the mornings and I chill in the evenings. I get up at 6-7 most days and I finish my homework by 5 most days!


Tony: Wow man, you are disciplined, even on weekends.


Joe: Well played Tony, I actually get up at 8-9 on the weekends, but I do work a few hours on the weekend. But I have a plan and an outline of my week, so I know what to expect and always allow time for different things to happen. Also, I study for tests at least 2 weeks in advance so I am focused and ready and do not overload one whole day on test preparation. I have a test this Friday and I studied everyday for 1-2 hours on different sections and one jam session on Wednesday aka today. Also, I make studying fun by making memes. Then in the evenings, I relax, watch football, and do other fun things to recharge myself.


Tony: Word man that’s awesome. You are slaying it man. Do you ever party?


Joe: Well, I hang out with my lady friends on Fridays or Saturdays and I spend one night a week on campus at my buddy, Frederick’s.


Tony: Nice man, I think this can help me out big time.


Tom sits at the table next to Joe and Tony. Tom then comes over to Joe wanting to clarify some advice.


Tom: Hey Joe, Hey Tony! Joe sorry for being a dick this morning and I love the advice that you gave Tony.


Tony: Hey Tom, my man! Yes this is great advice and I can work hard and play hard. I only get one chance at life.


Joe: Damn straight and no need to apologize, I kind of start the day off on a fast start! That’s why I have a fun class to motivate me out of bed everyday.


Tom: There you go man and thanks for the memes. I liked the way you use Big Ben as a scapegoat for pranks.


Joe: Yeah, I like to have fun and do well at the expense of Pig Pen and his pussy-whipped offensive line.


Tom: Amen to that man! I want to ask you something, how do you party and get up early?


Joe: Well I restrict my socializing to the weekend and on the weekdays I’m in bed by midnight and up by 7. On the weekends, I get up at 9 and go to bed by 2am. I schedule when I relax, sleep, and have classes. The other times, I am to be working. Also when I work, I hide from other people.


Tom: That’s actually a great idea and you are so efficient. No wonder you disappear for long periods of time.


Joe: True dat my friend. Also, when I work hard I burn that energy built up by chilling with friends and welcoming people to St. Mary’s.


Tom: I see how this shit work now. You are disciplined and you know when to let loose. You don’t grind through days.


Joe: They happen occasionally, but I do so on my own terms. That way, I schedule it and reward myself afterwards.


Tom: Gotcha man, well peace out guys.


Tony: Later and I’m heading out for lunch with my girlfriend Leah.


Joe: Peace guys and back to singing. Joe sings Luke Bryan Crash My Party. If you want to call me, call me, you don’t have to worry about it baby.


Scene 3-Lambeau Hall


Narrator: After lunch on a normal day, Joe heads over to Lambeau Hall to study and shows the world how it’s really done. Joe is sitting in front of his laptop and studying for Analysis with aggressive practicing.


Joe: Ok, we are trying to minimize functionals here. Let’s find the partial derivatives and really try to figure how to minimize this out man!


Heather comes in to help Joe with the class.


Heather Wilson: Hi Joe, how are you doing today?


Joe: Very well Heather and you came at a perfect time. I’m trying to do these labs here and I can’t really understand what I’m doing here?


Heather: Excellent, remember what we did in class in terms of the chain rule and how partial derivatives work?


Joe: Yes ma’am I do and I remember u(x) goes here and so and so. Joe finishes up the problem and then Heather examines it and smiles at Joe.


Heather: Very great Joe and I’m very proud of you. You have come a long way from the beginning of the semester. Your proofs used to be so confusing and now you have the basic outline of what’s going on and those fundamental issues that plagued you last semester have vanished. But you need to stop saying things without justification. It’s happening less now, however it still happens a fair amount.


Joe: Fair enough, I have a new plan for the last 35 days and change until I graduate.


Heather: Let’s hear it Joe!


Joe: Well Heather, I plan on listing everything that I need, while adding the reasons and logic flows. That way I will remember the reasons and not get bogged down by details.


Heather: There you go! You are accomplishing goals to writing proofs independently. Now I really want you to understand the purpose and our life goal here.


Joe: Our goal is to minimize functionals and see how Analysis denoises images.


Heather: Very good!


Joe: Now, I will go outside and work on the homework independently.


Heather: There you go. Heather and Joe shake hands.


Tim enters stage left.


Tim Jennings: Hey Joe my man, HAPPY 4-9!


Joe: Hey Tim, 9 high-fives!!!


Joe and Tim high-five nine times!


Tim: Yeah man, what are you up to this Wonderful Wednesday?


Joe: Getting ahead on work and spreading joy!


Tim: Same here man. Got some FOM to work on!


Joe: I’m so thankful that I met you in SAT prep class that helped me get accepted here at St. Mary’s and by a stroke of luck, you transferred to St. Mary’s. I’m so glad that you did man, as you brighten my day and we can still continue some great stories together.


Tim: I agree man, when I saw you Joe, I’m like I don’t believe it man!


Joe: I know too and you help me spread cheer along the way. We divide and conquer that way we cover more ground.


Tim: I agree man, that’s what I’m doing to solve these FOM problems.


Joe: Same with Analysis. Well I have to finish this so peace and happy hump day!


Tim: Yeah man! Peace out. DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK!!




Tim exits stage right laughing.


Scene 4-FedEx Commons and Qualcomm Quad


Narrator: Now here is the scene where Joe really has fun after that test on Friday. Let’s head up to FedEx Commons where Joe got summoned to FC 60 for a night of fun.


Frederick is sitting inside the suite and setting up Smash. Joe knocks on the door.


Frederick: Well that must be Joe obeying my summon for him! Frederick opens the door to see a smiling Joe with his things and a crate of soda.


Joe: Hey Frederick, got some soda for you.


Frederick: Joe Serendipitous Brady, the court thanks you for your gift and also appreciates you obeying the summon!


Joe: No problem, what’s on the agenda today?


Frederick: Just going with the flow and whatever.


Joe: I agree, what a better thing to do on a Friday night. I think I’m going out for a while, just wanted to drop my shit off.


Frederick: Sounds great, as I’m playing some online games and will be down for Smash later!


Joe: Excellent. Joe leaves FC 60 and walks on over to Qualcomm Quad. Who am I seeing tonight? Joe walks over to Qualcomm 4 and knocks on the door.


Ben Gronkowski: COME ON IN MY MAN!


Joe: Hey Ben!


Ben: Hey Joe, what brings… Before Ben could finish Sophie and Hannah yell


Sophie Schilling and Hannah Forsett: JOE MY MAN GROUP HUG!!! Sophie, Hannah, and Joe group hug! You came here to see us right?


Joe: I sure did ladies. What are we up to tonight?


Sophie: Just chilling and Ben invited friends over.


Hannah: Yeah just whatever Sophie’s up to. What’s up Joe?


Joe: Just spreading my cheer across campus and staying with Frederick in FC 60! BTW, thanks for brightening my day. You know I look up to you Hannah.


Hannah: Really, how?


Joe: You brighten my day, you always walk around with a smile, you play soccer with a strong passion, and you hit life with your awesomeness. That’s why, I always come in for a hug when I see you on the path.


Hannah: You just brightened my day even more Joe. Joe and Hannah hug.


Sophie: Hey Joe how about me?


Joe: You do too Sophie. You are so positive and optimistic, you always work hard, and no matter how tired you are you brighten my day. Also, when anxiety gets ahold of me, your hugs help quell it!


Sophie: Awww thanks, also you perked me up so much when I took that Orgo Test. Sophie and Joe hug.


Joe: Ugghhhh I heard Sophie, as Hannah had the same on Wednesday. How did it go, if you don’t mind me asking?


Hannah: It actually went pretty well and thank you for your encouragement.


Joe: I’m just being me, I’m about to head out so keep being awesome and let’s group hug.


Hannah and Sophie: Bye Joe, as they group hug.


Joe walks over to QQ 21 and hears music and he knocks.


Casey: Hey Abby, Joe’s here.


Abby comes running over


Abby:  Come on in Joe, we’re having a party here.


Joe: Sorry to crash it.


Abby: No in fact, we were hoping you’d come by. Abby and Joe hug.


Jenny: In fact we’re having karaoke.


Mackenzie Smith: Actually, we’re singing so you want to call a few songs.


Joe: FUCK YEAH I DO! Actually, who’s down for country? I want Crash My Party by Luke Bryan.


Abby: Perfect the other girls cheer!


Mackenzie turns that song on and everyone sings! Joe was right in the center singing along in his Southern accent. At the end of the song, they resume talking.


Joe: CAW-CAW!!!!


Mackenzie: CAW-CAW everyone is laughing.


Joe: Great job everyone! Also great win by the Lacrosse Team against Salisbury and also against Mary Washington on Thursday. I was at the game Abby and Mackenzie.


Abby: Thank you so much for coming Joe, sorry I didn’t see ya there.


Joe: All good Abby, you were great, I was with my buddy Matt Alexander, you know him?


Mackenzie: Actually yes, he told me that you were his neighbor last year and you always cheered him up.


Joe: I sure did.


Casey: OK Joe, you get to call one more song. What do you want?


Joe: Since we’re loving country and Luke Bryan, how about Home Alone by Luke Bryan and Karen, oh shit I don’t know her last name.


Abby: Sounds great! Abby puts on Home Alone and everyone continues to sing. After the song, they continue to talk.


Joe: Great singing everyone.


Jenny: Wow Joe, you really are the life of the party my man! Jenny and Joe hug.




Everyone starts laughing.


Abby: Also Joe thanks for the memes that you sent me. I aced out the last test.


Joe: OH MY GOSH, SO DID I!!!! Abby and Joe hug.


Casey: You really brighten my day Joe.


Joe: Got to go, as I got some other plans to play Smash. Before I go, group hug.


Mackenzie: Come on Jenny, Casey, and you too Abby! Abby, Casey, Jenny, Mackenzie, and Joe group hug.


Joe: There is no foul for offensive holding on the play, my flag was not tucked properly, TOUCHDOWN BALTIMORE! GO RAVENS, FUCK THE STEELERS CAW-CAW!!!


Joe returns back to FC 60.


Frederick: Welcome back Joe, seems like you been partying hard.


Joe: Fuck yeah man, LET’S SMASH!! PIKA PIKA PIKA PIKA!


Narrator: After Smash, Joe falls asleep after a fun night creating another great memory here at St. Mary’s. Joe graduates while ending on a high note. So good luck to everyone who is graduating.











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Some Pre-Graduation Thoughts

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Sorry awesome people who read this blog that I’ve been absent, as it has been in the midst of finals. This fine evening, I have been thinking about how great my time here at St. Mary’s has been, encouraging everyone to finish strong, and comparing this to my high school graduation. This semester, I have been soaring through and kicking butt in my classes. A lot of people ask me, “Hey Peekay you are a senior and why are you still living large with all that shit you have to do?” Well I’m glad you asked. I live the way I do, because I start early, make time for what’s important, and allow myself time to let loose on the weekends! Also, I balance between hard classes and fascinating classes. That way, I have time to work and let loose with my friends. Some fun moments this semester were learning about interest rates, stock markets in Money and Banking, also learning about individual and business decisions impact the economy in Microeconomics, getting a stronger hold on Analysis, talking to Rob, my old summer school teacher who helped me turn to positives, walking around DC and Baltimore, chilling with my friends around the Greens, Crescents, LQ and WC either karoking, playing Smash, or talking about the meaning of life. Especially loud shout out to Ben, Jake, Hannah, Sophie at LQ 4, Abby, Mckenzie, Brady, Meg, and Erika at LQ 21. I have a better idea now, but that is still up for debate. Thank you Frederick, Patrick, Elijah, and everyone in WC 60 for allowing me to crash at your suite, it gave me the opportunity to relieve my stress after a busy week, clear my mind, and continue to charge through this awesome semester.

This time also brings me back to my final days back at Richard Montgomery. I was nervous back then about college. Now, I am breaking out, becoming my true self, and finding my calling. Comparing myself to the teenager back then, I really see how much I have grown. My writing skills have grown considerably, my confidence has been boosted, I emerged from my comfort zone, I have expanded my horizons, discovered new interests, met new people, really expanded my friendship circle to include some awesome people, SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE HERE AT ST. MARY’S. YOU ROCK!!!  To my high school friends who I drifted apart from, I still think of you positively, wish you the best, and I’m still rooting for you to chase your dreams wherever you are. If we cross paths in the future, I want to hear your dreams and talk to you about how life has been. If you don’t have time nor want to, I understand and I’m sorry we drifted apart. But if you ever need a friend, I’m here for you. Also shout out to my high school teachers who I still keep in contact with. Shout out to Laura, Jon, Leslie, Doug, John, Chaney Jo, Amy Jo Weaver, Terri Jo, and Chamy from RM. Sorry, I haven’t come by, but don’t you worry, I will come back before long. Also shout out to everyone from Julius West who helped me become positive, after Rob helped me Summer 2005. I will never forget you guys and I hope to see you soon.

Shout out to the whole Class of 2016 and everyone graduating this spring. Let’s end strong and enjoy every moment!!! Good luck and let’s better this world.





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Return Childhood Stomping Grounds

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Its Spring Break 2016 and I have visited many important places that helped shape me who I was. Let’s just say this break that I went back in time to when I was 6 years old and Toy Story came out. I watched Toy Story the first night of break and then on Saturday, after a nice breakfast with my dad, I headed out to Rachel Carson Conservatory to freshen my mind and suddenly remembered my time at Brighton Dam where I went fishing with my dad on weekends at 6 years old. I suddenly felt young again and remembered the times that I was running around the dam and excitedly waiting to catch fish. This memory only encouraged me to try to contact people from the past who helped me become the positive person. As I have mentioned in my blog in past entries, in 6th grade I was the asshole that nobody wanted anything to do with. I let struggles pull me back and bullies impact me. The summer after 6th grade, I decided NO MORE BULLSHIT! I decided to not let people get to me anymore and take control of my life. I went to Audubon Nature Society for camp and also had Mr. Rob Petroff for Algebra Summer School. Both experiences helped me regain my confidence and helped me thrive in seventh grade, I felt stronger than the El Niño of 2015-2016, strongest El Niño in the history of the world!

Therefore, I contacted Rob for the first time in almost 11 years and I visited him yesterday. I told Rob how he helped rebuild my confidence and how he helped turned my life around. He was impressed and asked me how I suddenly remembered him. Here’s the thing about me, I reflect daily and then I suddenly remember people all of a sudden and want to thank them. Therefore, I remembered Rob and decided to contact him in May. Supplying all the details of me being the weatherman and perky, he immediately remembered me. I been trying to meet him, but our schedules haven’t worked out, but we finally got to meet up yesterday. He was so pleased and I felt elated and refreshed that I thanked him for the person that I am today and I felt revalidated and ready to make one final push to end my college career on a high note. It felt great thanking people and if you want to be happy, give one legitimate complement everyday.


Today, I returned to Audubon for the first time in 8 years to revisit my Audubon experience and thank everyone who there who helped me. Unfortunately, the staff that worked with me Anne, Will, Andy, Julia, and Lara unfortunately have moved on to other places. But I got in touch with Pam who will try to get me in contact with those people. Thank you Pam for your time. As I hiked through the grounds and on the Rock Creek trail, I still felt the presence of my younger self becoming more confident, more determined, and ready to come back to Julius West and attack the day instead of letting  people attack me. I learned to love nature and not let what happens around me influence my actions and my feelings. Instead I let my true self drive me and become the best person I can be. I know I haven’t gotten there yet, so I will keep pushing forward. ROCK ON!

These experiences and many more helped shape the handsome devil that wrote this page/stands before you today. Cheers to a great 2016 and many awesome years, hopefully each new year is better than the old.



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Hopes Spring Eternal

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I was thinking about how great it is to be alive and how I am so happy and motivated. Sometimes, I get fired up because I am so thankful and happy. Just like my Ravens defense feeds off of crowd noise and its momentum, I feed off my accomplishments, my friends, and the positive energy that you give off being your true selves. You may be asking, Peekay you say this a lot. Well my good friend, I don’t say things unless it’s important and I listen to each thing people tell me because that’s something we can work on. What you all say is important and if we listen we can get along better and really learn more and better ourselves. Today, I went to Analysis and we just prepared for our take home exam and I had a great talk with my professor at the end of our class. The messages I took away were the same above and they are important, because we discussed how great life is and how talking to others can open up opportunities that you couldn’t have dreamed of. I met so many of my friends through spontaneous conversations and learned so many life lessons that turned my life around to a more positive note. Such as don’t worry about grades, they are important but focus on learning. Your grades will go up and you will get more out of a class than you ever believed, especially if its required. Also as you talk to others, you see something awesome that you can do to better your life. I have noticed in life that one thing can really make a difference, so be careful, so use that for your advantage to better yourself!!!

Speaking of spring, it is right around the corner as Meteorological Winter will end on February 29th! So as spring starts a new season of plants and birds flying on in from the south and the winds turn southwesterly! So let’s spring forward into your awesomeness and what you do best! Write, math, whatever the fuck you do awesome ROCK ON! As my man Kirk says YOU LIKE THAT!!! I LIKE THAT KIRK!!!!! So next time you see me yelling and jumping up and down, its because I am in a great mood and I am cheering you on! YOU LIKE THAT, I LIKE THAT!!! Enjoy the rest of your week and February.




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