The Joys of Reading

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about how reading is fun and how to really get the most out of life. Today in my Language Acquisition class, I watched a video with Kelly on much we can get out of reading. Reading leads to great ideas that ultimately lead to a new perception and new actions. Reading can help one improve and also become deeper with understanding inferences. That way one can become more understanding and have deeper relationships. Personally, reading has also played a role in who I am today. Also there is so much you can learn, you can start hobbies. Heck starting this blog came from reading about blogs as avenues to share yourself with the world.

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Through reading, I am able to visit places I can’t normally get to such as Hawaii, the Galapagos, New England, but thankfully I go there pretty damn often. Furthermore, I learn great life lessons about being positive, accepting people for who you are, liking yourself, and always striving to be positive. Also I learned to keep going even after setbacks. Heck some ideas from this blog came from my readings!!! Also, when I’m stress it helps me think positively. The great things about rainy days is I can sit in my bed or on a couch with a cup of tea with a book and just read the afternoon and evening away.

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Happy Reading everyone!

Peekay :)

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Choose to Say No to Drama

What’s up world? It’s your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about drama and how some people just use drama and excuses to not improve and not take a stand. I got to tell that pisses me off to no end man! Why wallow in your misery and hurt yourself, when you can take a stand and empower yourself and cheer others up!!!! I choose to learn from my mistakes and I choose to better myself. Some people need sympathy, fair enough, but some just want some bullshit attention. Then all this drama comes around that drains people and just makes people like shit! I SAY NO MORE!!!! But when I here drama, I disregard it and keep doing me. So people ask, “So Peekay my good man, how do you avoid drama and not let it get to you?”

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Well my friend, I’m glad that you asked. I avoid drama by not partaking in it and not feeding the drama train. For example, when people create rumors and complain about others, I say “I’m sorry, but I don’t give a fuck.” Then I walk away and don’t give the matter much thought. Or if people are complaining, I ask them “OK my friend [insert name], why don’t you find a solution, if you hate that shit so much.” Solutions is what we should be focused on if you don’t like a situation. Furthermore, you will feel better about yourself. When I fell flat on my face with DiffEq, I decided to fight my problem and issues through finding solutions where I got more rest, studied more efficiently, and worried less. And I bounced from an “F” all the way up to a “B+.” Also my Ravens came back against the Cardinals in 2011 from down 24-6 to 30-27 by being more aggressive and finding their strengths. Not by bitching and complaining!!! Also my Patriots stormed back from down 10 points in the 4th quarter to stun the Seahawks!! You go Tom Brady and you motivate yourself. Tom got his focus together and by Coach Bill telling people to do their respective job!!!

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What’s the lesson here? They didn’t wallow in misery and didn’t let that hold them back from their dreams!!! Life is such a gift my friends, so let’s make the most of it my friends :). If you don’t like something change it or don’t let it affect you. No one makes you feel the way you do, you make yourself feel that way. If people insult you, pay not attention or want to bring you down ignore them. They don’t deserve your awesomeness. Prune negative people out of your life!!! Also forgive others who wronged you, I mean don’t hold anything against them and just cut contact with those that wish you ill or bring you down. Keep being the awesome you that is there. Raise the rent on negative thoughts and cut those assholes off with positives. Good luck this school year!

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Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Hometown Pride

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about how we are so awesome and unique, as I started my super senior year here at St. Mary’s! I really appreciate my friends who graduated and thankfully I have plenty of friends still here at SMCM! This semester I’m taking Language Acquisition with Dr. Terri Filbert. Shout out to Dr. Filbert and everyone in that class!!! Dr. Filbert has been facilitating discussions on how we all have different dialects and how that represents our culture and who we are.Most importantly, it is key to our identity and should be maintained. I got to tell you man, what I like about meeting people and talking to others is that I like your uniqueness and your culture. I have friends from all over the country man and I enjoy learning different cultures and different dialects. When I went to the OBX, NC I enjoyed Carolina BBQ ribs and them Southern dialects!! GO PANTHERS, sorry Dr. Scott :(. Also on my recent trip to New England, I enjoyed saying pahking or bah habah!!! Back to my roots man and GO PATRIOTS!!!!! Most importantly when I learn new dialects, I understand cultures and I am able to make new friends easier. So keep speaking your home dialect, it what makes you awesome and the true you!!!!

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On that note, I want to talk about who I am as a person and how I became that perky person that stands before you today. Well folks, I was born in Boston and then moved down to Maryland about age 2. I always learned to surround myself with positives people and always had a knack for learning. By 7th grade, I learned to SHUT DOWN NEGATIVE VOICES!!!! Life is all about choices and if you don’t like something change it and choose to be different and follow through. We are defined by the sum of our choices.

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Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Jaunt About Hometown

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Well I took a jaunt about my hometown while coming home for a weekend in Potomac Woods. I had a mixture of feelings as I walked around my neighborhood and seeing old places and houses I used to hang or see on a daily basis, before I moved on to college. As I walked, I realized how much I owe to my neighborhood and how many positive people are out there. Shout out to my positive neighbors who I enjoy chatting to when I walk by. Also I have flashbacks to when I used to play Revolutionary War with my friends and when I had fun BBQs with my neighbors. From our funny jokes to some oldies music to freshly cooked meat on a hot day, those were some highlights of my summers as a kid, along with the beach days, and watching Hey Arnold, Wild Thornberries, and SpongeBob. Also the times, I swam in the pool with my friends and the times, I went to the store to get snacks on Fridays after school to celebrate a great week. Last, but certainly not least I enjoyed the times where I hung out with my high school buddies in school or swinging on the sings and trash talked about football. However, I do feel a bit outside now, because my identity has changed or I have discovered myself as I adapted to my time at college (I’m entering my final year). With that in mind, some people that I used to be friends with, I say hi to and are just acquaintances now who say hi when we see each other and ask how we are doing. But at least, I had the privilege of meeting you and the great memories together. We all promise that we will remain friends forever and which is great, but sometimes it doesn’t hold through. Don’t feel bad my friends, because we meet new friends all the time and if the relationship was worth it, you would know when you ran into that person again, as they will be willing to rekindle right away and picked up where you left off. Also I feel like a visitor in Potomac Woods, as I am at college all year round. But I will always feel welcome back in my hometown.


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No That Is Not Boring

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about routines and the concept of mindfulness. I hear people saying “Its the same old shit again and again.” With all due respect, that is bullshit! I have been practicing mindfulness and I can notice subtle differences each day. For example, when I get up, I just sit in silence and eat and enjoy each moment. That way, I can enjoy the moment and notice more things that I usually would overlook. This morning, I noticed the beauty of the fog, the clouds, and the graceful movements of the birds flying on north! Then I found some inspiration early in the morning so I feel motivated for the day ahead! Furthermore, when I work in Glendenning Hall on the loft, I took 5 minutes of absolute quiet to really see what the room has to offer and the unique art. From my mindful experiences, I learned that you find new things and you can view experiences via new lens. Returning to my morning example, I saw mornings  as a chance to start and where I get more of my work done!!! So I embraced getting up early and I really learned to have quiet in the morning so I could ready myself for the day ahead. That way, I made the most out of each day and learned something new. Furthermore, I developed an impulse to give someone a compliment. I can’t have a good day without doing so. Today when I went to St. James for lunch, I thanked the Navy folks for their service to America and protecting my liberties. I brightened their day and their happiness only empowered me to come back and live my day to the fullest.

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So if you think your life is boring, slow down and really look. You may know your routine, but there is something awesome that you overlooked. Just like the clouds or on the train, I suddenly realized the importance of the staff and I thanked them, when I got off the train. Everytime I ride Metro, I thank the train driver. Furthermore, I really appreciate how things work. Also, I learn to let others speak and really listen. We all have something awesome to contribute and I ask questions, as well as give answers. I really see people as unique and I further learn to like people for who they are, not for what they have. You are all awesome, because you are you and no one else. So let’s be mindful.

Peekizzle over and out! Namaste!!!!

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Random Acts of Kindness

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay!!! How we all doing today? I have been thinking about how random acts of kindness drive me, just like Justin Forsett drives the Ravens offense!!!! I offered some friends today to use my Pay-For-Print Money when they needed to print things out! After doing acts of kindness, I really felt empowered and really hit my work in stride FUCK YEAH!!! Many people ask, “Peekay how the hell are you so happy and how does that empower you?” Well I’m glad you ask!!! It empowers me, because doing acts of kindness is a goal I strive to do each and everyday. Then I feel great and want to continue chasing my dreams. Each and everyday, I strive to chase my dreams!!! That way I feel great and want to even do better and spread my cheer to others!! After doing those acts of kindness, I finished my homework up and got ahead. That even let me cheer more folks up!!!!! Then those folks return the favor (awesomely ;)) or cheer others up!!! One time, I e-mailed a bunch of refs (Ed, Pete, Clete, John, and Dino (BJ on Gene’s crew) and they all said I brightened their days!!! We can learn a lot from each other, if we really listen to one another and treat one another with kindness!!!

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Peekizzle over and not! Namaste!!!!

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Finals Advice

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay!!! Finals are coming up, as its the last week of classes. Despite the many times we have exams, many folks are telling me that the anxiety never goes away. I can already see many caffeine/long nights/panic attacks. Well there is better way that is less stressful and nets you better grades/exams. As I told my friends, don’t worry so much about grades. Instead, enjoy learning and cut back on caffeine. And people are saying that will make us tired. Then I suggest you all get at least 8 hours of sleep per night before an exam. That way you will have full energy for the exam and your panic will decrease. Furthermore, don’t study in your room. When you study, I recommend that you isolate yourself from others. Avoid where others are studying. I recommend you go to another town to study or an isolated area where you will not encounter other students. You can hang with your friends in the evening. Also allow yourself some fun. I also recommend you detox from all social media. That way, you focus on your studies and not see the stress everywhere!!! Go each day in balance. Also each day, do something nice for someone. That will always lift you up!!!

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Here’s an example of a schedule. I get up at 9am, shower and eat breakfast. Then I study for a few hours. Afterwards, I take my exam. And then plan my next final. After dinner, I study and then relax. Then I go to bed by midnight. Then up the next day to get my work done!!! That way I have balance and avoid stressed out. Because stress can permeate fast just like the Dallas Cowboys losing attitude! That’s why I surround myself with positive folks and stay away from stressed. Also cheering others up is always great!!! I love being that positive difference. Also stay away from bad news!!!! Also don’t worry about what grade you should get on the finals. Always strive to do the best!!! Then you will do better than even you knew you could!!!! So good luck on finals and enjoy!

Peekizzle over and out! Namaste!!!!

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