No That Is Not Boring

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about routines and the concept of mindfulness. I hear people saying “Its the same old shit again and again.” With all due respect, that is bullshit! I have been practicing mindfulness and I can notice subtle differences each day. For example, when I get up, I just sit in silence and eat and enjoy each moment. That way, I can enjoy the moment and notice more things that I usually would overlook. This morning, I noticed the beauty of the fog, the clouds, and the graceful movements of the birds flying on north! Then I found some inspiration early in the morning so I feel motivated for the day ahead! Furthermore, when I work in Glendenning Hall on the loft, I took 5 minutes of absolute quiet to really see what the room has to offer and the unique art. From my mindful experiences, I learned that you find new things and you can view experiences via new lens. Returning to my morning example, I saw mornings  as a chance to start and where I get more of my work done!!! So I embraced getting up early and I really learned to have quiet in the morning so I could ready myself for the day ahead. That way, I made the most out of each day and learned something new. Furthermore, I developed an impulse to give someone a compliment. I can’t have a good day without doing so. Today when I went to St. James for lunch, I thanked the Navy folks for their service to America and protecting my liberties. I brightened their day and their happiness only empowered me to come back and live my day to the fullest.

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So if you think your life is boring, slow down and really look. You may know your routine, but there is something awesome that you overlooked. Just like the clouds or on the train, I suddenly realized the importance of the staff and I thanked them, when I got off the train. Everytime I ride Metro, I thank the train driver. Furthermore, I really appreciate how things work. Also, I learn to let others speak and really listen. We all have something awesome to contribute and I ask questions, as well as give answers. I really see people as unique and I further learn to like people for who they are, not for what they have. You are all awesome, because you are you and no one else. So let’s be mindful.

Peekizzle over and out! Namaste!!!!

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Random Acts of Kindness

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay!!! How we all doing today? I have been thinking about how random acts of kindness drive me, just like Justin Forsett drives the Ravens offense!!!! I offered some friends today to use my Pay-For-Print Money when they needed to print things out! After doing acts of kindness, I really felt empowered and really hit my work in stride FUCK YEAH!!! Many people ask, “Peekay how the hell are you so happy and how does that empower you?” Well I’m glad you ask!!! It empowers me, because doing acts of kindness is a goal I strive to do each and everyday. Then I feel great and want to continue chasing my dreams. Each and everyday, I strive to chase my dreams!!! That way I feel great and want to even do better and spread my cheer to others!! After doing those acts of kindness, I finished my homework up and got ahead. That even let me cheer more folks up!!!!! Then those folks return the favor (awesomely ;)) or cheer others up!!! One time, I e-mailed a bunch of refs (Ed, Pete, Clete, John, and Dino (BJ on Gene’s crew) and they all said I brightened their days!!! We can learn a lot from each other, if we really listen to one another and treat one another with kindness!!!

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Peekizzle over and not! Namaste!!!!

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Finals Advice

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay!!! Finals are coming up, as its the last week of classes. Despite the many times we have exams, many folks are telling me that the anxiety never goes away. I can already see many caffeine/long nights/panic attacks. Well there is better way that is less stressful and nets you better grades/exams. As I told my friends, don’t worry so much about grades. Instead, enjoy learning and cut back on caffeine. And people are saying that will make us tired. Then I suggest you all get at least 8 hours of sleep per night before an exam. That way you will have full energy for the exam and your panic will decrease. Furthermore, don’t study in your room. When you study, I recommend that you isolate yourself from others. Avoid where others are studying. I recommend you go to another town to study or an isolated area where you will not encounter other students. You can hang with your friends in the evening. Also allow yourself some fun. I also recommend you detox from all social media. That way, you focus on your studies and not see the stress everywhere!!! Go each day in balance. Also each day, do something nice for someone. That will always lift you up!!!

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Here’s an example of a schedule. I get up at 9am, shower and eat breakfast. Then I study for a few hours. Afterwards, I take my exam. And then plan my next final. After dinner, I study and then relax. Then I go to bed by midnight. Then up the next day to get my work done!!! That way I have balance and avoid stressed out. Because stress can permeate fast just like the Dallas Cowboys losing attitude! That’s why I surround myself with positive folks and stay away from stressed. Also cheering others up is always great!!! I love being that positive difference. Also stay away from bad news!!!! Also don’t worry about what grade you should get on the finals. Always strive to do the best!!! Then you will do better than even you knew you could!!!! So good luck on finals and enjoy!

Peekizzle over and out! Namaste!!!!

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Flying Flowers of Favor

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! It has been a fantastic past few weeks, as I have been thinking about the metaphoric beauty of spring. I went walking around Admissions Pond and St. John’s Pond on campus and saw the Cherry Blossoms falling down. It reminded me of the great Fourth of July parades I went to as a kid with the confetti falling down celebrating the birth of this great nation!!! Well the flying flower pedals can be a signal that you are awesome! With these showers of flower pedals, imagine as the world cheering you on to be that positive difference. This week, I cheered some people and encouraged them to chase their dreams through telling them you are awesome and that could really help the world out!!! As I was yelling that, pink flower pedals were falling from the sky. So the world is serenading your awesomeness, let’s do something positive folks!! Just like Tom Brady won the Super Bowl despite all the doubt and starting off on a mediocre note and Bill Vinovich came back to officiating despite doctors doubting his return after open heart surgery!!!! Also, my goals each and everyday to be a positive influence and cheering others up!!! The confetti of awesomeness are falling, are you going to direct your parade of awesomeness to change the world!!!!

465 466

Peekizzle over and out! Namaste!!!

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Voice of Passion

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! I have been thinking the past few days about passion and how I love being loud and passionate!! Also I wondered about how I like people for who they are or their true selves. Everyone has a unique identity and I like you for you are. Everytime I talked with students who want to come here to chase their dreams, my passion levels spike to levels that rival my energy when my Ravens beat the Steelers or when the Patriots won the Super Bowl!!!! Also when I talk to others, I can feel their positive energy. When I yelled from my apartment window that “YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! I AM THANKFUL YOU ARE MY FRIEND” to my great friend Garrett, I felt the positive energy and brightening his day help propel me forward and cheered him up going on into his weekend!!!! Furthermore, when I talk to anyone in general, I can feel passion and their awesomeness. As a result, I am very passionate and you know your conversation is passionate when others tell you to keep it down!!! For example, yesterday when I was cheering on some prospective students with “GO RAVENS/GO REDSKINS/NATS/O’S/PATS/RED SOX” and I serenaded the Yankees fan with “YANKEES SUCK!” and everyone was laughing and the Patriots/Red Sox fans were cheering me on!!!! I was so loud that Ivan had to tell me to keep it down. I apologized for distracting class, as I didn’t want to, but Ivan and his class thought I was a bubble of humor/awesomeness. Ivan keep being awesome!!!!

461 465

This brings me to another major point about being happy/passionate for your dreams. My good friend Henry told me “Don’t ever apologize for who you are.” Thanks Henry and while I’ll apologize for distracting you, I won’t apologize for being me and my passionate feelings!! Henry keep being you and no one else :)!!!Because I am happy for who you are and that goes for you awesome readers as well. Never apologize for being who you are, because that is what makes you you. For example, Bill Vinovich nfl ref is great, because of how he overcame open heart surgery to officiate and eventually do a Super Bowl! Bill hope to see you in Baltimore my good man!!

462 463 464

Keep being you and no one else!

Peekizzle/Sizzle over and out! Namaste!!!!!!

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River Flows On Past Without Pause and So Does Time

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay!!! I have been pondering during my drive around St. Mary’s today about living in the moment. Just like driving around the scenery changes every minute, life is always changing and is every so fleeting. When I ride on the Metro, most people I see or talk to, I probably won’t see again or if I do, hopefully we can be better friends!!! So enjoy the moments, because opportunities come up for new friends and everything or learning something new. For example, this very blog came up all about a spur of a moment. Also some great discoveries around the DC area all came about by accident, such as the Wilson Bridge walking path, Back Bay in Boston, meeting my friend Katherine, and my main circle of friends on campus. Furthermore, ‘living in the moment lets you appreciate life more. That way you don’t stress about life or let great moments pass you by. Next time you have a break, allot a few days where you just go with the flow. That way, you are able to enjoy yourself and discover serendipity. Serendipity breeds great things!!!

458 459

Some people ask me, Peekay our past keeps follow us into our future. Well Peekizzle (who got the Sizzle lol my new nickname) will tell you is because you let it!!! Sure there are some great things in the past you can look onto, however but there is a new day. Why bother continuing on if you know what’s coming up? Those are the best moments of life. Rather it be a chance to redeem yourself or to discover something new. Let yourself sizzle/bask in glory and the moment. Pretend each moment that passes is what matters and you can’t control everything in the future. For example, as much as I want to I can’t make everyday to be warm & sunny. Sorry folks :(. Moving on, so on the rain days or colder days, I sing in the rain, walk or even drink tea and turn the cold into something fun. Each day is a gift to chase your dreams!!! Meet new people and focus on the next step of your dream :). Don’t worry about the future too much, because you need to get through now to get there and you will miss out on so many great things in the moment that you can’t repeat or you missed out on bettering yourself and cheering yourself up. Just like I enjoyed meeting Katherine at the Grind and my time walking around Alexandria. Also those of you I met serendipitously in passing/person, I hope to see you sometime soon. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!!! Also I have a new ending to my blog!


Peekizzle over and out! Namaste!!!!

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Ahhhh Serendipity/Spring is in the Air

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Well just finished up a vacation of a lifetime on this Spring Break 2015. Its not where I go, its who is there. That way the positive vibes spread around from your friends and bring out the best in an area. On that note, I went to Boston & Baltimore. I made many new friends and visited quite a few friends. Also, I reaffirmed that living and just going with the flow can lead you to so great discoveries :) !!! Without further or do, here is the tale of my venturings through the Northeastern US.

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Ahhhhh Friday, when Spring Break began. School let out with sun raining down rays of optimism and I rapped/sent great vibes while waiting for the airport shuttle. Then rode up to Reagan and hoped on the train to Union Station while waiting for the bus to take me to Boston via NYC. When riding different trains, they reflect how the different paths in life. For example at L’Enfant Plaza, 4 lines meet and split. Green goes to SE DC and Yellow goes into VA. The lines reflect the choices we have and how life is fleeting and how one choice can make a difference. Moving on, I met my folks for dinner at Union Station and we shared great positive stories and then I boarded my bus. I believe that no matter where you go there will always someone positive for you! And the Greyhound to Boston was no exception. On my first leg to NYC, I met Monty and we chatted up a bit about optimism and how life has so much to offer. Also I thought the Turnpikes/Freeways as connections to different positive. They help trade ideas and connect different great things that help others. Once I arrived at NYC, I waited then switched to my Boston bus. On Boston, I made even a better friend, Sarah. We chatted about optimism/school and then I learned about her Creative Writing and Spanish/International Relations passion and we joked about optimism and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Sarah enjoyed my blog, shout out to her and she even gave me a hug, when we arrived at Boston. There is always someone cool/awesome out there to meet. You may never see people again, but their memories always remain.


Moving on, my friends came and I chilled in North Andover the rest of the day. Then I did some sightseeing. Its amazing how many great things are out there off the beaten path. Went to some bookstores and hiked. I got to tell you embracing nature is one of the best gifts of living. From getting fresh air and inspiration from the outside, I am able to come up with positives and see so much natural beauty. I have this belief that if we all do what we do best and respect each other, the world can be a much better place. Also bookstores bring back positive memories of sitting by the fire and having great book readings by my parents. Then I ventured around Boston, my last day up there. I always pay homage to Fenway Park, because of my passion to the Red Sox and the great history. Everytime I come to Fenway, I feel empowered to chase my dreams and not let doubters/negatives affect me. Also Boston, my birth city helps me reconnect to my purpose of being a positive person. Also as I walked around, I gave some uplifting comments to folks and made people’s days and everyone cheered when I yelled “GO RED SOX/PATRIOTS!!!”

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Afterwards, I flew into Baltimore to hang with one of my great friends, Erica :). I saw some more nature and some lesser know places such as Liberty Reservoir and returned to Federal Hill/Inner Harbor. The dichotomy of the power lines and nature at Liberty Reservoir was a sign of positives or how power of positivity can really push someone to really accomplish some great goals. Also being outside helped me feel grateful and I learned new things about Erica and how to further help others out. Then my last day of my vacation, I went to the inner harbor to reflect on life and having a bird-eye view. I thought about how life passes by and how living in the moment, as I did this vacation allowed me to see great areas and meet some positive people along with seeing some great friends!!! My last day of vacation, I went into Downtown Baltimore. Also I came to a realization from Federal Hill. The buildings are there and people are there from the view. You can either complain about the high buildings or appreciate their function and how everyone is working to make the world a better place.

6 7 8


Enjoy the rest of your break or Happy Spring.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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