Ahhhh Serendipity/Spring is in the Air

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Well just finished up a vacation of a lifetime on this Spring Break 2015. Its not where I go, its who is there. That way the positive vibes spread around from your friends and bring out the best in an area. On that note, I went to Boston & Baltimore. I made many new friends and visited quite a few friends. Also, I reaffirmed that living and just going with the flow can lead you to so great discoveries :) !!! Without further or do, here is the tale of my venturings through the Northeastern US.

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Ahhhhh Friday, when Spring Break began. School let out with sun raining down rays of optimism and I rapped/sent great vibes while waiting for the airport shuttle. Then rode up to Reagan and hoped on the train to Union Station while waiting for the bus to take me to Boston via NYC. When riding different trains, they reflect how the different paths in life. For example at L’Enfant Plaza, 4 lines meet and split. Green goes to SE DC and Yellow goes into VA. The lines reflect the choices we have and how life is fleeting and how one choice can make a difference. Moving on, I met my folks for dinner at Union Station and we shared great positive stories and then I boarded my bus. I believe that no matter where you go there will always someone positive for you! And the Greyhound to Boston was no exception. On my first leg to NYC, I met Monty and we chatted up a bit about optimism and how life has so much to offer. Also I thought the Turnpikes/Freeways as connections to different positive. They help trade ideas and connect different great things that help others. Once I arrived at NYC, I waited then switched to my Boston bus. On Boston, I made even a better friend, Sarah. We chatted about optimism/school and then I learned about her Creative Writing and Spanish/International Relations passion and we joked about optimism and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Sarah enjoyed my blog, shout out to her and she even gave me a hug, when we arrived at Boston. There is always someone cool/awesome out there to meet. You may never see people again, but their memories always remain.


Moving on, my friends came and I chilled in North Andover the rest of the day. Then I did some sightseeing. Its amazing how many great things are out there off the beaten path. Went to some bookstores and hiked. I got to tell you embracing nature is one of the best gifts of living. From getting fresh air and inspiration from the outside, I am able to come up with positives and see so much natural beauty. I have this belief that if we all do what we do best and respect each other, the world can be a much better place. Also bookstores bring back positive memories of sitting by the fire and having great book readings by my parents. Then I ventured around Boston, my last day up there. I always pay homage to Fenway Park, because of my passion to the Red Sox and the great history. Everytime I come to Fenway, I feel empowered to chase my dreams and not let doubters/negatives affect me. Also Boston, my birth city helps me reconnect to my purpose of being a positive person. Also as I walked around, I gave some uplifting comments to folks and made people’s days and everyone cheered when I yelled “GO RED SOX/PATRIOTS!!!”

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Afterwards, I flew into Baltimore to hang with one of my great friends, Erica :). I saw some more nature and some lesser know places such as Liberty Reservoir and returned to Federal Hill/Inner Harbor. The dichotomy of the power lines and nature at Liberty Reservoir was a sign of positives or how power of positivity can really push someone to really accomplish some great goals. Also being outside helped me feel grateful and I learned new things about Erica and how to further help others out. Then my last day of my vacation, I went to the inner harbor to reflect on life and having a bird-eye view. I thought about how life passes by and how living in the moment, as I did this vacation allowed me to see great areas and meet some positive people along with seeing some great friends!!! My last day of vacation, I went into Downtown Baltimore. Also I came to a realization from Federal Hill. The buildings are there and people are there from the view. You can either complain about the high buildings or appreciate their function and how everyone is working to make the world a better place.

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Enjoy the rest of your break or Happy Spring.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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March Meandering Thoughts

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! Well Spring has finally sprung around here and I have some random thoughts. I am going off to Spring Break and will be seeing some friends, in Boston & Baltimore. However, there were some things to talk about. Recently in Education Psych class and talking with Dr. Koch, shout out to her, I was discussing about intrinsic/extrinsic motivation and the power of words. I made a New Year’s Resolution not to use the r-word anymore. I know we have freedom of speech, but that word is really offensive and demeaning. The power of words are essential, because they can either pick other people up or really drop them down. After reevaluating my goals and really seeing the negative power of that word, I decided to stop using it and use the word nimrod instead.  Your words can really help make a difference and help someone feel worth it!!! That’s why I encourage people or give random acts of kindness. I love cheering others up and quelling situations. When I was on the MARC train to visit Erica for X-Mas, our trains were delayed and people were getting testy. So I yelled “Merry X-Mas and you are all great. GO RAVENS!!” and everyone laughed and we cheered everyone up. On the train, I later helped some folks carry their baggage off and they later thanked me and high-fived me and we all sang “Hail to the Redskins” on the train.

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Furthermore, I thought of intrinsic motivation, as I discussed this in David’s Education Psych class, shout out to David. What makes things great is intrinsic motivation or doing it, just for the sake of doing things. I believe that if we do things just because we can make the world a better place and we can be happy. You can be great, just find your passion!!! For example, I am nice, just because I want to and want to cheer others up. Furthermore, I go to class, because I want to learn. Sure grades are important, but I learned if you show passion and pay attention and connect the materials to your life, then your grades will go up without you worrying about it. That’s how I improved my GPA from a 2.5 Spring 2015 to a 3.3. Anything is possible folks, if you believe it and follow your dreams!!! Take my man Ed Hochuli. Ed became a referee, because he wanted to and chased his dreams, until he became my favorite referee and the best ref in the NFL. Can’t wait to see you officiate next season Ed :).

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Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Warm Up Coming

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have some positive thoughts to share tonight!!!! Well this Warm Up can be literal and figurative. Well those of you readers in the Eastern US know how damn cold it has been. Well I am happy to report that in about 2 weeks time, that the pattern will break down. It starts this weekend over the North Pacific Ocean, but it takes some time for the pattern to react and fully realize the change. So that annoying ridge over the Western US that worsened that drought and was catalyst that sent the cold air right over the Eastern US. Well the ridge will break down and retrograde over the Pacific, so that the warm air will break through into the East. So its coming, don’t you worry. But be patient and enjoy what winter has to offer.

Well on a figurative note, this is also about your chance to change. Just like this annoying pain in the nuts pattern will change, you can too. Just  like my Ravens went from 29th in offense in the league to 7th this year and returned to the playoffs and my Patriots brought the Lombardi back to New England :). Also Bill Vinovich in the NFL came back after heart surgery and finally had a chance to officiate on the big stage! You go Bill and I may yell at you for some calls, I look up to you!!! Hope to see you officiate in Baltimore this year :). Also how I am turning around Differential Equations and how I turned around in Psychology. Also how people really redeem themselves after a bad time. For example, Tom Brady and the Patriots put DeflateGate behind them, after beating the Seahawks and how my friend conquered Psychology Statistics. It only takes from inside for a change and then it shows. Just like this upcoming pattern change which starts this weekend. But patience and belief and don’t let doubters get your down. That’s when you prove them wrong. And also give everyone a chance. That way, you will see some great things.

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Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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One Act Goes Far

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! I hope all is well with you. I am happy to report that 2015 is off to a strong start. And on that positive note, I want to discuss how one act of kindness can make a difference. This awesome guy Josh was bullied throughout his life, because his lisp and decided to switch to a bigger school. He was shy and did not fit in. Then he decided to start new, by holding the door! From holding the door, he put himself out there as someone new and he really became popular and people look forward to seeing him! Then he even pursued public speaking and became PROM KING! Wow Josh you rock bro!!! Story is right here http://fb-02.dailymegabyte.com/bullied-kid-shows-small-act-kindness-can-make-big-difference/. We can learn from this that one act of kindness can really carry someone. Similarly, when I hold the door at Goodpaster I feel empowered and intrinsically motivated to go to class!!! I’m like welcome aboard the Goodpaster Express and you are awesome or you inspire me!! Some folks say they look forward to seeing me at the door, because I cheer me up!! I like holding the door so much that even when I get out early, I wait until all classes get out to hold the door!!! So one time my professors came out and saw me holding the door and were surprised that I waited that long to hold the door for everyone! I told them, I’m just being me!! And when I hold the door after classes, I tend to do better in those classes, because I have something to look forward to and like classes. Then I want to do well in school!!!

On that note, try to start the year off strong and keep at it by being nice. It can be small such as helping others randomly or holding the door or just smiling. It will work wonders. Just finished up Winter Break and I can’t wait to go back to school and better myself. My study skills improved and I can’t wait to start anew again!!! A fresh start always invigorates me and I noticed through keeping an eye on my goals and staying balanced, I am able to have a great time and still excel. So good luck on your New Year!!! ALSO GO PATRIOTS AND PACKERS!

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Holiday Happenings

What’s up world its your boy Peekay!!! Well I decided to change things up this holiday season and enjoy a staycation with a mini-adventure to go to my friend, Erica’s for Christmas in Reisterstown, MD. Its not where you are, its who you are with!!! Got to spread some cheer!!!!!! Also along the way, I made some new friends and spread some holiday cheers!!! Also, I saw some great areas of the Greater Baltimore area that I never knew existed.

Ahhh X-Mas eve dawned rainy and mild!!!! How rad? When I woke up, I finished packing and marched outside into the rain humming Christmas songs to the bus to the train station. As I rode along, I thought about the X-Mas cheer that was vibrant and how there was a feel of optimism. Whether it be the rainbows formed when the rain hit the ground to the nice lights to strangers wishing each other Happy Holidays, I could relish the spirit. On the train to Baltimore, it burned brighter. Holidays are a great time for random acts of kindness and talking to folks, but for those who complain about the holidays ending, you can keep that spirit going through random acts of kindness!! On that note, I helped some folks move their luggage and in the train delay due to the rain, I diffused tension by saying you are awesome, talked sports, and finally yelled “GO RAVENS.” Everyone laugh and the Steelers fans jokingly jeered me, but we all laughed. Also I joked around about the Packers and Redskins by flagging Matthew Stafford for intentional grounding!!! Also the folks who were lost, I helped them out and they introduced themselves to me as Rick, Bonnie, and Ellen and I helped them move the bags out without being asked. They shook my hand and we yelled “GO PACKERS/RAVENS & REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” It never fails to amaze me how one act of kindness can really make a difference. So act nicely and carefully, one act can really make a difference!!!!!!


Upon arriving at Baltimore, Erica picked me up and we drove around Baltimore as it was too wet to really explore Charm City on foot!! We drove around the harbor and passed Federal Hill which is the perfect vista point for reflecting and getting a bird’s-eye view on life and physical manifestations of life such as clouds and transient along with Ravens Stadium and how it represented passion and hard work. Then we drove to her house  in Reisterstown and talked about holiday spirit. You know you have great friends, when they invite you to Christmas and show you around and we can talk about anything positive or negative. On the ride, we talked about great things in life, Ravens, and how to be nice and how I helped Rick and his family out!! I can’t tell you how I love helping others out and seeing their smiles. There are great people everywhere!!!!! Once we arrived, I met her parents Sue & Mike and we had great fun chats about football and optimistic. Shout out Mike to his service in the Navy!!! Another great thing about meeting others is they have great stories and everyone has something to offer!!!!! Then we ended with an X-Mas movie marathon!!! A Christmas Carol (2009) which shows how being nice pays off and how you will become happier by being nice and caring for others. Don’t let bad people break you, you are awesome!!!!


Next morning, I woke up and went over to Erica’s paternal grandmom’s for an X-mas brunch!!! The playful banter, home cooked meal, and the warmth of the environment really peaked my X-Mas spirit. What each holidays positively reminds me of the great in the world and there are more nice folks than mean folks!!! From exchanging gifts and when playing gag gifts, we decided to be nice and help one another out to those who need the gifts more!!! Also some Ravens banter and how we will make the playoffs!!! Then we watched Toy Story and about friendships. Soon after, I went around Baltimore and did some more reflection on the holiday season!!! Sitting on top of Federal Hill never gets old, because I can reflect on how I have improved. For example, I reflected on how my study habits have improved my grades and how I have become more calm!!!! Furthermore, how I have learned to be optimistic and helped folks out. Let’s make a great 2015!!

Baltimore and Its Best-Known Benches

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Holidays and Finals

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay!! Well finals are coming up and it is between holidays. As a result pressure is coming from holidays and school work. But I have some positive thoughts for you!!! Exams are a chance to be positives. With careful planning, you can have a great time and not be consumed and digested by exams. My advice is to get enough sleep, exercise, and be nice to others. Furthermore disconnect with all negative news. Holidays are about giving and making a difference in the world!! With that in mind, we can do serendipitous acts of kindness to others, meditate, and surround yourself with positive influences. That’s why I deactivated Facebook for the exam and holiday season. That way you can construct your own positive atmosphere to motive you for your exams and get you in the finals move!! With the quiet, you are not stressed out by other people’s posts and complaints on how they fall back. This is your battle, not anyone else’s. Also folks, you need to step up your studying a bit, but allow yourself some fun!!! Study and then relax, so you will be refreshed. Also get some sleep. When you sleep you retain things better and then you are more aware and calmer!!!

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Now let’s talk about exam day. On exam day, do not over anxiety yourselves. I recommend that you meditate and watch a inspiring video. Then we review briefly and sit quietly or do creative work. Better yet, write some well wishes to cheer others up, through e-mail or cards. Other people will be stressing and talking to them will make it worse. I learned that its best to approach the task calmly! With that in mind, don’t talk to anyone until after the exam. Also don’t worry about grades. Just strive to do the best that you can! The worst way to improve your grades is your calculation. Grades increase as you enjoy the class and integrate it with your life! I integrate psych into my blog or have fun by making fake interviews or plays about that information. When you have fun, you worry less and you become aggressive and want to learn more!!!! Take your exam knowing you did your best! Afterwards send some holiday cheer and relax. You worked hard. More advice in this blog will come later and more holiday spirit.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Hello Holidays

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! Well Thanksgiving and X-Mas are coming up and the inevitable increase in assignments and work that needs to get done along with the holiday pressures. Well hang in there my friends, because I know we can do well and make the holidays in general. I am here to get us in the holiday spirit! Holidays are not commercials and the real meaning is the fact that we are thankful for who all our freedoms and privileges and that we can be together as friends and families. Also we learn about giving thanks and being that positive difference out there. Moving on, I am talking about time management and not worry about things so that you can enjoy your holiday. I usually plan to get a good portion of my school work done before break and usually set a real set of work, because you don’t have as much free time as you think! Therefore, I get work done enjoy the holiday. The remaining days, I set a few hours to get some work done! Prior to break, I decide to plan out what I want to do so I do not stress and enjoy myself over the holidays!


On that note, let’s talk about how to get yourself in the holiday mood! Well as you get your work done, look for things to be positive for. Start thanking people more and continue to do so even after the holiday has passed. Also when I work, I feel passion and enjoy myself. Also, each day I count down how much more I do and see progress and with each work I am moving closer towards the holiday!!! Life is like the wind, it never stays still and is very transient!!! Also with time moving forward, I do nice things to others!! That way we enjoy ourselves and we are more in the holiday spirit!!! So when I come home from college, I am already in the mood and ready to celebrate and cheer with my family and friends. So 12 days and 23 minutes and change until Thanksgiving and counting as I type.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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