Thankfulness Is In the Air

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving, as we are on the south side of it now, as it’s Black Friday. I want to talk about my Thanksgiving and then some thoughts about Black Friday. I got to tell you that Thanksgiving 2015 was one of the best ones ever. First, I got to have family and friends together and we could joke and talk about many positives. Additionally, I realized how great I have it living in freedom, living a life where I can chase my dreams, have a roof over my head, great family and friends I can count on, and I have all the necessities I need and more. We joked, played video games, and watched football. Last, but not least my man Ed Hochuli was officiating today. Ed great job and I am thankful that with all the officiating issues today, you keep your optimum officiating up! All my favorite things all in one day!!!! Also we shared what we were thankful for and how great we have it. When you focus on the positives, the atmosphere becomes more positive and tension is diffused. So instead of stress about the negatives, we put that aside and enjoyed our company with great food cooked by my folks.

After Thanksgiving, chaos resumes with Black Friday and Holiday pressure. I know lots of people shop and that’s cool, but isn’t it a little too soon to shop after being thankful for everything you have. I’m not saying don’t shop, because we deserve great things, but I’m saying don’t act all crazy when you don’t get the deal. Instead of shopping and mixing in with the masses, I suggest that you go out and enjoy nature. Today, I did my homework to chase my dreams and then hiked 5 miles today at Lake Needwood and ran into an old high school buddy, Paul. Best of luck to ya man! In my hike, I could feel Thanksgiving continue and think about how I am going to successfully navigate the end of semester craze that awaits me when I return to St. Mary’s Sunday. Also I thought about the holidays and the unnecessary hatred and animosity that I see. Enjoy yourself and spread your responsibilities out and allow yourself some free time so you can recharge.


Good luck on your projects and finals, before the holidays and Happy Holidays to everyone.




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North Side of Thanksgiving

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Thanksgiving is in about 10 days and I have been thinking about how many great things are out there and how we can’t let things happening around us kick us down. On the North Side of Thanksgiving, there is too much ungratefulness and I want this or gossips instead of thankful for the great things in my life or I am happy to be alive. Many people complain that this small inconvenience happened or some celebrity/NFL just ruined their day, because the Ravens lost. I love me some NFL just as much or hell even more than the next man or woman or person, but it has no impact on my life, because I have goals and a life to live. Many people ask me “Peekay how don’t you let shit surrounding you impact you?” Well I’m so glad you asked.



I don’t get why people listen to the negatives or want to obsess over people’s problems. They don’t affect you and you are distracting yourself from what really matters and you are spreading stress and negatives trying to bring others down. You create this vicious cycle of negatives and you distract yourself from the great things in life. Instead, why don’t you not let the flood in, but instead feed off your positive energy and swim away from this negative energy and focus on bettering yourself and having it spread to others. The holidays shouldn’t be about gossip, but rather about being thankful for the positives and trying to empower others through positive thoughts. I donate to Red Cross or I give gifts to my teachers/professors who work so hard. And I tell my friends that I am thankful for them and I cheer them on! Furthermore, I randomly hold the door or give out cookies to people and cheerful energy empowers me!!! So I enter Thanksgiving with a strong start and speed so that I can spread the cheer around. So after the holiday is over, the feeling still sticks around and I don’t get swept up in the stress of holidays and instead enjoy it.



Additionally, I surround myself with people who are positive and don’t spread gossip or complain. But I want to make something clear that venting to your friends is fine or yelling at the TV is fine. But don’t turn that crap into an excuse for something. Instead find a way to address the issue or avoid the issue if you can’t or better yet don’t make it a big deal. For example, I completely shanked DiffEq and I vented about it to a friend and in that I found a solution so I got a B+ when I retook the class with the same teacher and felt better. Instead of making an excuse and never getting better, I turned that into motivation and got that monkey off my back and kept going with my life. So let’s push forward or you stay with the negatives or hell. Keep going towards the light and you will get there if you really want it. Enjoy the rest of the north side of Thanksgiving!





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Stop Negative Self-Talk and Facebook Detox

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about how people say negative things to themselves and I’m saying c’mon, no wonder you aren’t getting where you want to go in life!!! It pisses me off to no fuckin’ end all the negatives people talk about. What the fuck people? No wonder you are not enjoying your life. I have a crazy idea, why don’t we discuss what’s great out there and enjoy what you have. There are whole lot worse things going on in the world than the awkward moment in history class, the lost pencil down here, the loud music downstairs, Paris Hilton’s life choices (I’m going out on a limb and say they doesn’t fuckin’ effect any of you), and the coffee spill in the Pittsburgh bench!!! People there is a whole lot worse out there, such as legitimate suffering such as starving, danger, and horrors that I don’t . Be happy you got great friends, you have what you got!!! And by all means, keep fighting for what you want. You earn what you get. So if you want that extra T-shirt, TV, start budgeting, and start working towards it!!!! Or a promotion, that diploma, or insert something positive, work for it!!! So let’s not blow what happens out of proportion. Let’s focus on that.

492 493

So people tell me, Peekay, I really do not deserve this, so why trying? THAT IS GOD DAMN MOTHERFUCKIN’ BULLSHIT!!!! You aren’t changing anything by complaining and you’re relinquishing control and a chance to be who you want to be. And people say, Peekay that’s all that happens from I hear. Well about time we switch the news and who you talk to. If people just want to bring others down and they refuse to change, its time to move on from those people. Wish them well sincerely and say look it’s time to take control of my life and move on. And with the news so negative, turn off the news channel and switch it to a more positive tone. Read some positives online, there are plenty trust me, talk to people who cheer you on, and create a plan to succeed and do the best you can and account for obstacles along the way. With positive thoughts, you will see the great and fight towards it and not let your negatives keep it down. Another way is to take a break from Facebook. We can post all these great things, but there is so much people expect to post and comment on and you are literally flooded with thoughts, which a fair amount is negatives. So every now and then, I deactivate my FB to focus on the positives and not hear about breakfast status and all these trivial mistakes of too much work. Instead, I focus on bettering myself and just not let things around me effect my goals. I believe that the best gift life has to offer is to really be your true self. Honestly, people only post negative shit. C’MON PEOPLE!


With the news sources cut off, just focus on your goals. Just tell yourself what you did was a mistake and you will improve and you want is possible if you put your mind to it. That way we focus on a solution instead of the problem and how that sucks and we complain and let the situation eat us alive. Also you can be the best person you can be and keep things in perspectives. My car had to be repaired and I did not let that inconvenience hold me back from scoring a 98% on my Language Acquisition Exam!!! I told myself the test is what matters at the moment and wrote all my distractions away and filed them away and meditated so my mind is focus on my exam.

495 496


Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Awesome and Fight in Everyone

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Well, I have been thinking about how many great things are out there and if you keep your head up and keep things positive, then great things will happen to you. Well today, I had to drop my car off at the Chrysler dealership due to the engine making weird noises. I took the bus back to campus and I made several new friends on the bus. I got insight into the culture of Lexington Park and how communities work. I learned their life stories and learned mistakes that they made, so I can avoid them in the future. Also, I realized how good I have it and how I will not complain about my life and my problems. Instead, I will solve my problems and continue to fight. The best gift that life has to offer is a chance for personal growth and really be your true self. Also being positive empowers you to overcome your situation or use it to your advantage. So keep on going and fighting!!!! If you really want something or accomplish a true goal, you will fight until the end!!!


My Ravens have been in a rut this year, as we are only 1-4. However, what I like about my team is we have motivation and fight. You go John and keep that great coaching up!!!! There is lots of disappointment here in the Castle, however they are fighting and the environment is still fighting. I don’t care if my Ravens don’t make the playoffs, I will stick by them. The thing I like about John, he’s not afraid to do something crazy to get the team going. Just like fake punts, going for it on fourth down, and staying aggressive. I know John will turn this team around. It may not be this year, but most definitely next year!!! John has too much fight in us, for my Ravens to throw into the towel. I don’t know where we’ll finish, but we’re not going down without a fight!!! Joe keep improving, same to you offensive line, defense clamp down on the receivers and rush the quarterback. Get some sacks man!!!! I know we haven’t been playing like Ravens, let’s do that!!! Let’s get back to our running and defense and Joe play like the great QB you are!!!! Also Marc I want some success while you’re here, so you can get some awards prior to your retirement. Your story inspires me man!!!!

490 491



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The Joys of Reading

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about how reading is fun and how to really get the most out of life. Today in my Language Acquisition class, I watched a video with Kelly on much we can get out of reading. Reading leads to great ideas that ultimately lead to a new perception and new actions. Reading can help one improve and also become deeper with understanding inferences. That way one can become more understanding and have deeper relationships. Personally, reading has also played a role in who I am today. Also there is so much you can learn, you can start hobbies. Heck starting this blog came from reading about blogs as avenues to share yourself with the world.

485 486

Through reading, I am able to visit places I can’t normally get to such as Hawaii, the Galapagos, New England, but thankfully I go there pretty damn often. Furthermore, I learn great life lessons about being positive, accepting people for who you are, liking yourself, and always striving to be positive. Also I learned to keep going even after setbacks. Heck some ideas from this blog came from my readings!!! Also, when I’m stress it helps me think positively. The great things about rainy days is I can sit in my bed or on a couch with a cup of tea with a book and just read the afternoon and evening away.

487 488

Happy Reading everyone!

Peekay :)

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Choose to Say No to Drama

What’s up world? It’s your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about drama and how some people just use drama and excuses to not improve and not take a stand. I got to tell that pisses me off to no end man! Why wallow in your misery and hurt yourself, when you can take a stand and empower yourself and cheer others up!!!! I choose to learn from my mistakes and I choose to better myself. Some people need sympathy, fair enough, but some just want some bullshit attention. Then all this drama comes around that drains people and just makes people like shit! I SAY NO MORE!!!! But when I here drama, I disregard it and keep doing me. So people ask, “So Peekay my good man, how do you avoid drama and not let it get to you?”

480 481 482

Well my friend, I’m glad that you asked. I avoid drama by not partaking in it and not feeding the drama train. For example, when people create rumors and complain about others, I say “I’m sorry, but I don’t give a fuck.” Then I walk away and don’t give the matter much thought. Or if people are complaining, I ask them “OK my friend [insert name], why don’t you find a solution, if you hate that shit so much.” Solutions is what we should be focused on if you don’t like a situation. Furthermore, you will feel better about yourself. When I fell flat on my face with DiffEq, I decided to fight my problem and issues through finding solutions where I got more rest, studied more efficiently, and worried less. And I bounced from an “F” all the way up to a “B+.” Also my Ravens came back against the Cardinals in 2011 from down 24-6 to 30-27 by being more aggressive and finding their strengths. Not by bitching and complaining!!! Also my Patriots stormed back from down 10 points in the 4th quarter to stun the Seahawks!! You go Tom Brady and you motivate yourself. Tom got his focus together and by Coach Bill telling people to do their respective job!!!

478 479

What’s the lesson here? They didn’t wallow in misery and didn’t let that hold them back from their dreams!!! Life is such a gift my friends, so let’s make the most of it my friends :). If you don’t like something change it or don’t let it affect you. No one makes you feel the way you do, you make yourself feel that way. If people insult you, pay not attention or want to bring you down ignore them. They don’t deserve your awesomeness. Prune negative people out of your life!!! Also forgive others who wronged you, I mean don’t hold anything against them and just cut contact with those that wish you ill or bring you down. Keep being the awesome you that is there. Raise the rent on negative thoughts and cut those assholes off with positives. Good luck this school year!

483 484


Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Hometown Pride

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about how we are so awesome and unique, as I started my super senior year here at St. Mary’s! I really appreciate my friends who graduated and thankfully I have plenty of friends still here at SMCM! This semester I’m taking Language Acquisition with Dr. Terri Filbert. Shout out to Dr. Filbert and everyone in that class!!! Dr. Filbert has been facilitating discussions on how we all have different dialects and how that represents our culture and who we are.Most importantly, it is key to our identity and should be maintained. I got to tell you man, what I like about meeting people and talking to others is that I like your uniqueness and your culture. I have friends from all over the country man and I enjoy learning different cultures and different dialects. When I went to the OBX, NC I enjoyed Carolina BBQ ribs and them Southern dialects!! GO PANTHERS, sorry Dr. Scott :(. Also on my recent trip to New England, I enjoyed saying pahking or bah habah!!! Back to my roots man and GO PATRIOTS!!!!! Most importantly when I learn new dialects, I understand cultures and I am able to make new friends easier. So keep speaking your home dialect, it what makes you awesome and the true you!!!!

474 475

On that note, I want to talk about who I am as a person and how I became that perky person that stands before you today. Well folks, I was born in Boston and then moved down to Maryland about age 2. I always learned to surround myself with positives people and always had a knack for learning. By 7th grade, I learned to SHUT DOWN NEGATIVE VOICES!!!! Life is all about choices and if you don’t like something change it and choose to be different and follow through. We are defined by the sum of our choices.

476 477


Peekay Serendipitous Than

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