Thank You and the Intangibles

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! I can’t begin to tell you how much it warms my heart and lifts my spirit when one act of kindness can really trigger a great friendship or whatnot! For example, one day while working in the Daily Grind, I made a new friend, when she was down and thought we didn’t have her favorite tea. I went into the back and looked for it and found it for her and made her day. She gave me a big hug and we just cheered each other up afterwards and we’ve been great friends ever since!!! Also, I found friends when one kind person invited me when I was lonely in the Great Room!!! Also with Hey Arnold as well!!! Also when people thank me for giving them  cookies or offering them words of encouragement, I feel more empowered and continue my work with passion!!! Moving on, I always try to help as many people out as possible in a day!!!! I live everyday like its my last! That way, I will be able to make the most out of everyday!!! An act of kindness is the right way to go my friends :)

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Today, I sat on Admissions Hill and looked over the lovely St. Mary’s River!!!! I don’t know, but hills are always great!!! I guess its the bird’s-eye view that I get from seeing the world below. Today particularly I reflected on my new study plan! So far, I have been scoring much stronger in shorter bursts of time. However, I realize that I need to study a little bit in the morning right before the exam and keep it quiet and not talk to folks prior. That way I am able to focus and have information fresh. Also be a bit more specific and comparisons. That way, I will able to get all the minor details I have been missing on exams!!!! But I am off to a strong start!!! Also I reflected on all the positives in life and how to make a difference, get work done, and still have fun with friends :). I recommend you isolate yourself when you study. Go to an isolated location in the library or academic building and just get your work done!! I stay in quietce so that I can focus. Then after 5-6 hours of work, I am done. Then I come back to my room to relax and then I chill with my friends :). Its good to separate between relaxing and work environments. That way the stress does not follow me around and I can focus to my optimal level! Also I don’t get angry for not being able to focus in my room! I know when to relax and work. Also I block of hours to focus. And I plan to get better each and everytime! Anything is possible that what makes life so possible and awesome!!! Also I thought about how lucky I am to have the right to pursue my dreams!!


You all have a good one.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Fall Break Festivities

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! Well my Fall Break has started and I have got to say there is so many positives! The best part of breaks is time with friends and families along with sleeping in. Also after a few days of relaxation, I feel motivated to get homework back together!!! With breaks I allow myself some fun!!! Also over breaks, I discover some nostalgic moment. Some nostalgia for example is me watching Arthur or Hey Arnold or Full House! I love these shows, because they give great life lessons and takes me to a more simpler time when I jumped into leaves, my folks baked cookies, and watched Winnie the Pooh all day. These shows also encourage me to keep chasing my dreams and keep true to myself!! For example, I learned from Arnold to keep at my goals and to keep being cheerful. Being cheerful is contagious! For example, when I held the door at Goodpaster this afternoon people all thanked me and yelled “ALL ABOARD” with me and “Have a great fall break”, as I pretend to be the train conductor directing traffic.


Also during the break, I enjoy exploring. For example, I skip around Washington DC, Baltimore, and Alexandria for fun discovering new restaurants and new locations. Furthermore, I find new parks to jog in and go to places I haven’t been to in years. For example, I went to the zoo after 3 years Spring Break 2013 and discovered Alexandria and walked the Wilson Bridge. When I cross the Wilson Bridge, I can reflect on my past, present, and future and reflect how I have grown and make future goals. I strive to better myself as a person! There are so many extended metaphors in life that I can see out there!! Furthermore, my mind is clear as I see awesome places and meet awesome people. When I came back from the Wilson Bridge, I met a nice family with a dog named Fenway! We all cheered on the Red Sox and they were nice enough to give me directions back to the Metro Station!


After relaxing, I take a few days to get work done. Therefore, I can get ahead and be ready for school to resume. That way, I am able to get ahead and when school returns I am not bummed out. Instead I feel more determined to keep moving forward!!!

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Outstanding October Octave

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Well the outstanding month of October has arrived my friends :). I don’t know where to begin on why October is so outstanding. Whether it is the leaves changing colors, MLB pennant races, nice cool jogs, new experiences, NFL season revving up, to me chasing my dreams, and to the increase in tea/hot chocolate, October always has something great to offer! Just this morning, I walked around with clouds and some fog around. The best part of fog is the beauty and calm it has especially over the St. Mary’s River. It helps me show how mysterious life works and consequently brings calmness in my mind and brainstorm all the positives in life. Also as the fog drapes over the river, optimism is also in the air! I can feel the energy and the passion of the folks around me! Therefore, I want to motivate others and be motivated by talking to each other!!!

426 427

Also with the crisp air one can really clear their mind and formulate a plan for success. That’s why in the evenings, after I finish my work I jog. Therefore, I can formulate goals to better myself and tasks to get done, so I can still have a good time and time to chill later. Then I reward myself!!! To be honest, anything great can happen. That is one of the best things that life has to offer! For example, one fine crisp morning I turned my math skills around and ultimately got an “A” on my first Algebra 1 test in 7th grade and powered myself forward to really take the next step to turning myself more positive. Therefore, I propelled myself forward. So what will this fine fall day bring you?


Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Serendipitous Starts Awesomeness

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! What a week this has been! Two midterms today and feels like I did well. But during this stressful time, small acts of kindness can really play a positive role pertaining to stress levels and make studying fun. Well call in the cookies runs! I cannot begin to explain how uplifting that was sharing cookies with others and also got some gifts of kindness reciprocated. Every week I buy 4 or 5 bags from the Daily Grind farmer’s market. Then every week I skip around campus and deliver cookies to anyone on my list. Now people wonder, Peekay how do I get on your list man? Well you are already on there my friend :). Anyone who is a nice person overall is on the list. So Pig Pen/Benny Boy you are not unfortunately.

422 423

With that in mind, I go on my jog, I carry cookies in my pocket. Then I either knock on people’s doors or find folks on the path and offer them cookies. What makes my day is those who were a bit down and feel much happier when I give them a cookie. To rev me up even more, some folks even gave me cookies in return. Funny thing that was the night before the tests so I was even more encouraged. These acts of kindness can really go far. Later on, these friends offer me nice things and cheer me up when I am down!!! So keep being nice folks! You never know what could happen! Also I got my job at the Campus Center by asking the director about a laptop!

424 425

Also I gave a woman an extra 2 dollars for the subway and a few days later, she gave me $5 at Burger King!!! Also I have seen people do one act of kindness and it spreads! For example a man bought meals for many cars behind him and made a woman having a bad day much better So let’s keep moving folks and your act can really help many people out who will motivated to move forward with it!!!!!!!

Before I go, I changed my name to Peekay Serendipitous Than, because I like that word so much!!!! But you can still call me Meteorologist Peekay :).

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Peekay Serendipitous Than

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Fantastic Fall

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! Hope your Septembers are superb. My semester is starting off pretty well, knock on wood. I have two other blogs about studying and football, so I haven’t been blogging here as much here. But the positive thoughts will keep flowing. Well Fall is right around the corner and I have some great tips as we ascend into autumn! First off enjoy the leaf changes and the nice crisp weather. I can’t describe how many times I smile and feel perfect when I go outside on a nice cool day! From the crisp days to the sun to the natural beauty such as fog on land to the nice leaf changes as well and to football and the time for hot tea in the evenings along with hot drinks while reading myself to sleep. Football really motivates me! FIRST DOWN LET’S MOVE THEM CHAINS!! Also the crispness shows a fresh start to the school year.

417 NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens 419

This school year I revamped my study plans along with limited my Facebook times. Therefore, I am able to focus and complete work rapidly and more properly. Without distractions, I can just focus on my work and be done and receive feedback rapidly!!! Also I get work done earlier, so the evenings are more relaxing and I have more time to do other things fun, such as relax and watch football. Also, I can still relax Friday/Saturday nights with my buddies. Video games and card games we all have fun! Moving on, I want to get work done faster and enjoy the process. With all those distractions you get stressed. Also when I work, the bigger projects I complete alone and isolated. The easier readings, I complete with my friends. Just like my Ravens offense has improved and been more efficient with a new philosophy and some more passion/energy, you can change too. Also this fall, the crispness is in the air so let’s enjoy! Also drink some hot drinks now!

420 421

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than

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Kindness Is Never What You Put On a Checklist

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been blogging and thought about daily checklists. You know the usual ones which you write down all assignments that need to be done, household chores, errands to run, and free time. But the one thing that I never put on a checklist is being kind! Because that way the kindness is more natural. A lot of people ask me why the hell I am me and why I love being kind? FUCK YEAH I’M GLAD THAT YOU ASKED. I’m kind, because it feels great and I am empowered by being positive :). For example, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I hold the door at Goodpaster between 1:10 and 1:20 and on Tuesday and Thursday between 11:50 and High Noon, because I love chatting with people and making people’s days. I love chatting with folks and then through exchanging high-fives, hugs, or cookies, I make people’s days and we diffuse tension! I also pretend to be a flight-attendant or train operator by saying “ALL ABOARD THE GOODPASTER EXPRESS. PLEASE BOARD AT ONCE OR RISK LOSING YOUR RESERVATION” and everyone laughs or I pretend to be Ed Hochuli or Gene Steratore. I say way to be awesome guys and yell FIRST DOWN BALTIMORE to all Ravens fans and we like let’s go come on Joe!!! Then folks are laughing and I encourage folks to keep being awesome! Also its a fuckin’ awesome way to keep up with the ebb and flow of SMCM! Then I feel empower and skip around campus. Today some dude offered me a cookie for holding the door and I felt even more empowered. I later powered the act forward by sharing cookies and sent random compliments to friends via Facebook or e-mail! Also it cheers me up on a bad day!


Also I have seen kindness lead to serendipity and make life worth living. A day is great when a nice act keeps empowering people. Serendipity leads to new discoveries. One day when I was down, I started rewatching Winnie the Pooh and soon enough I was laughing my nuts off and found something to be positive. I started writing one day when I couldn’t sleep and was assigned to blog for my FOM class. So you never know what great thing is around here! FUCK YEAH!!! If you schedule kindness it will lose its fun and be more of a chore! Let your kindness flow unabated :)


Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than

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Trip Down Memory Lane

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! As the beginning of my senior year in college is right around the corner, I want to reconnect with my freshman year and how I felt coming into college. So dawned the morning I moved into college. My heart was racing with excitement as my dad drove my stuff over. To have to privilege of chasing my dreams in a beautiful location was the best gift ever from my parents. I was thinking that I would rule the world, fresh off the confidence of completing the IB Magnet Program! As I drove in and I heard all the loud cheers and honks from the OLs, I felt really welcome and my heart raced just to be here. As I unpacked into a small dorm room, it really hit me how this was a chance for a new start. I had a place and was living away from home with some new folks. Excitement rushed through me as I had more independence, but some worries were in the back of my head on academics and the encroaching real world. Many questions rose regarding how will I seek help and who will I sit with at lunch? Ending up they were no big deal and I made it through just find. And sophomore year I started blogging and spreaded my joy some more. And here we are today sharing my optimism for the world!



I just finished my first week of senior year. I have got to tell you with my new plans and keeping everything under control, I can make senior year the best year ever :). Check out my study blog (Sweet Studying) for any tips. What I recommend is no FB or other distractions while studying and study in blocks of an hour. Then get work done earlier, so in the evenings you want to relax. Also be honest with yourself about what you will get done. That way, you will be able to get work done and still have some free time. Also always have a goal of being optimistic and help someone out. That will empower you and make life so much better.

412 413

Well let’s make this the best academic year ever!

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than :)

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