Positive Express

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Welcome aboard the Positive Express, a direct route to inspiration and chasing your dreams!!! Well I am so glad that its Friday and I am just thinking about more ways to be positive, while hanging out with my friends. Yes it is that time of year again, when all the finals come barreling on you and you think that you are imploding under stress. But I am happy to tell you that some stress will be fine and since academic stress comes and goes, you will be fine. I am here to tell you how to remain positive and tell you how to better yourself. Take each experience as a chance to learn and also remain positive. Remember what matters is how you are positive. For example, the San Diego Chargers overcame a 5-7 record by winning their final 4 games including at Denver, to make the playoffs as the 6th and final seed. Also recently, I pulled my psychology grade up by getting a 94% on the second test, after getting a 68% on the first test, a 26% improvement. This all happened, because we stayed calm and assessed the situation. The diseases that come with stress such as heart disease is because the people do not know how to react to stress.

299 300

Well here is a crash course about not letting stress defining you. I read in psychology recently, that childhood or the past do not necessarily correlate with the future. So what happened in the past does not define your future. So if something disappointing happens in the past, you can better yourself and leave it in the dust, just like Ray Rice did with that 83 yard opening play rushing touchdown in New England in the Wild Card round where we wrecked the Patriots 33 to 14. Ray Rice 40, 50 he could, 40, 30, Merriweather trying to cut him off, he won’t get their, he might, go all the way, 10, 5 TOUCHDOWN BALTIMORE!!! NO FLAGS ON THE PLAY!!!! First you need to calm things down in order to improve. First do something fun. When I have a bad day, I come and watch Full House, jog, or play video games. Or for a bad week, I order Chinese food, and chill at my friends’ place. Then I come back all calm and happy and assess the situation and remove the bullshit from my life. For example, with my psychology test I did not do well on, I came up with a plan and discussed the professor about the test and found a more efficient way, while making the studying fun. Just because you messed something up, doesn’t mean that you need to spend significantly more time. It is no use to spend more time if the method doesn’t work. So I studied just as much, but I used deeper processing or connecting with the meaning and studied more upfront, after I learned it, so relearning it prior to the exam takes a lot less time. Then I blogged about the concepts, as connecting them to my life, makes the studying fun. Not everything has to be a chore. Another major thing about life, enjoying the process. Then I got a 94% on the second test and I discussed more ways to improve my grade. If I ace the next test, the first test is like the one interception that was overcame with 5 TDs, just like Drew Brees a bit slow starting off and then he gets going. Who dat?  The journey isn’t over yet. So don’t settle, enjoy the process.


301 302


Another major concept is do not hold on to the past. As my former high school librarian Mrs. Laurie Bourdeaux said “We should allow ourselves the flexibility to grow and change and to learn that letting go doesn’t have to be sad and unfortunate, but a wonderful opportunity to embrace what’s coming for us next.” I agree, because while it happened, there are better things in the world. Also moving on allows us to continue on our journey of life and chasing my dreams. Mrs. Bourdeaux remember my southern accent in the library? YEEHAW GIDDY UP HORSEY, on the path of life. Say FUCK NO to pressure and be true to yourself. It is much better and it is healthy to acknowledge the problem and then build off of that to do better. You will feel better and reduce stress in the future. We always remember the journeys that zigzag like the jet stream during a La Niña weather pattern. Just like my Ravens who zigzag in the 2012 season, with our injuries, and tragedies and who brought the Lombardi Trophy back to Baltimore. Also like my Ravens and Vikings had 6 lead changes in the last 125 seconds, which Baltimore ultimately prevailed and emerged victorious 29 to 26. 


Keep chasing your dreams and enjoy the journey. Keep being awesome. On that note, you all rock. Its your choice, you can either live in the cage of your past or march and better yourself. There is so many great things in life to let shit get in the way. I cannot reiterate how much it pisses me off, how people live in the past. Life has moved on!!!! On that note, have a great weekend.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than

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Self-Fulfill Yourself :)

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. When I jog, I often think about how things work and any new philosophies and psychologies of life. This evening, I was wondering about how our thoughts and cognitive influence life and how we can be motivated. Everyday I hear complaints about where is my motivation for homework and unfortunately I spent the day doing homework, even though its a nice day. Well, here is a fine example of a self-fulfilling prophecy. You complain and think of homework as a chore and pointless and then you just let that bum you out. And you cannot concentrate outside, because you don’t want to. Well I learned that homework is practical and can help me do well and then I want to learn some more. I learned to explore more and then ask questions. So I do not get discouraged and then I can still enjoy the weather while get some work done. Why today, I got so much work done and then encourage others. And also walk around with a positive attitude my friends. It makes things not seem so bad. I remember in sixth grade, I made a big deal out of shit along with letting things get to me. So I let the current pull me away and felt depressed, despite my ability to take control and push the negatives away. Things only became better and I began to see the positives in life, when I changed my cognitive processes.

291 292 293


Us as people or as beings are shaped to optimism. As we all love to dream and create our own reality and we want to morph it into reality. You would think after hearing all these negative news we would be negative. FUCK NO!!! I would sooner be a New York Jets fan (BLEHHHH) rather turn negative and you know how probable that will be, (the answer is 0% lol btw). GO PATRIOTS!!! That is why after my first test grade of a C+ in FOM, I remained optimistic and then told myself that I will get an “A” and I will not take discouragement as answer. Then I kept trying and then pulled out an “A-” for the semester!!!! Also I did in AP Psychology I got a “D” on my first test and then I pulled an “A” for the semester, by keeping at it and made psych more applicable by deep psychology and drew off positive emotions by telling myself “I got it” and did not give up and those who doubted themselves and looked at me like crazy and ended up royally fucking up the class, because as my buddy Nelan says “Those who can’t participate sit on the sidelines and hate” and they don’t want to participate and try out the winds of life and control it themselves. They are jealous, because they want to, but they do not dare to go deep and make a difference. Just like Aaron Rodgers stayed with the Packers and Tom Brady stayed through the draft and kept believing, anything can happen. It takes a long time, so you need to keep being positive and it will feel natural, because we are meant to be positive.

294 295296 297


I read in my psychology book that despite what happens in earlier years, does not set our life. We have a chance each day to make a difference. Do something nice and you never know. Take up an opportunity to help others. In Hey Arnold, Harold after paying back the butcher Mr. Green, he found his passion and by persisting that he wanted to help Mr. Green, he became an apprentice and showed his passion. Mr. Green initially rejected him, because of his negative attitude and resentment. But after some demonstration and positive attitude and helping out, Mr. Green eventually had Harold in to help and learn something new. So my hating friends or folks reading the blog, there is something positive out there for you. Don’t be afraid. Any questions come ask me in the comments. I will be glad to answer! Discount Double Check your attitude and let’s go. FIRST DOWN FIRST DOWN!!!!! The world waits for no one, what are you waiting for?

298 299

Now Aaron, can you my friend have a state of motivation. That would Aaron rallying the troops and rushing for a touchdown. DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK and then state of motivation would be happiness and a state of self-fulfilling prophecy would be what you think comes true. So let’s be positive and help others. And reconsider the negative statuses, start doing and tell positives early you will be wondering, why you posted it. I know you are better than that. And I have seen people improve themselves and become more positive like Tom Brady coming back to beat the Broncos after being down 24-0 to 34-31 overtime victory!!!!

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than


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Storm of Motivation

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. What a great Friday this has been. I have got to tell you that hanging out with friends and watching childhood favorite shows always cheers me up after a stressful week. Watching old shows brings back memories of days I spent in Ocracoke Island, NC where I used to spend all day on the beach relaxing and then got ice cream at Sweet Tooth and then took it to the hotel room while watching Full House, Hey Arnold, Wild Thornberrys, or Spongebob while giggling with my family. So I felt refreshed and as if I was back at home relaxing. Also these shows have good life lessons such as good intentions, following your heart, and always learning how to do right. For example, Wild Thornberries Eliza gave up her powers to save her sister in the movie and Full House, Stephanie broke a promise to DJ, to not tell Danny that DJ was starving herself , to have Danny talk about looks is not everything. It is what is inside or your personality. I am willing to talk to anyone and become his or her friend, as long as they respect me, cheer me up, and are a positive influence on me. Also in Hey Arnold, Harold learned a new career and found a more positive outlook. Also Arnold, the protagonist taught me patience and how to treat people with respect. I learn who I am through observing positive people and some awesome 90′s cartoons.

286 287 288

On that positive note, I have been thinking about recalculating and redirecting energy and goals. That said example above was motivation for me to get through the week. Just thinking that I was great and I can do fine, always gets the windmills in my mind going. My personal definition of motivation is feeling passion or driven to do a task. Whether it is studying for a test to get a good grade or becoming more a positive person or anything between, these goals have some passion written all over it. For example, I got a 92% on my Differential Equations Exam by motivating myself with good grades and how I want to expand my knowledge to make a difference in the world. Also the week before Spring Break, that feeling of accomplishment and a nice long break encouraged me to get most of my work done in advanced. On that note, the better jobs and things to do in life are where you are passionate and feel it. It is the intrinsic motivation that gets you through not the extrinsic motivation. The feeling that you feel that you did something great and you accomplished a goal that you are passionate about is too profound and awesome to describe fully. You need to experience it. But let me say that you need to believe in yourself. I know sometimes even your boy Peekay gives up on himself, but Peekay always keeps moving downfield. Just like Ray Rice converted 4th & 29 and Arnold, in Hey Arnold eventually interviewed his favorite author and got her back on her tracks, anything is possible. As you get back on your tracks, you will do well and then you will be more motivated than anything.

289 290


On the note about goals, make them challenging so that they are worth getting. If it was so easy, why would we enjoy it? Also make steps and make it attainable and make sure it will help you out. Then keep at it and don’t let your motivation go away and remember what you want and strive for. We only get one chance here.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than

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It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Well after a great first week back from Spring Break, I have some positive thoughts about taking control of your lives. After meeting with my psych professor about how to do better in class, I really thought about how a simple change in your mind can really make a difference in your life. After sixth grade, I became a positive person when I decided no more bullshit. Then I got myself on Honor Roll at that time and then diverted myself into making a difference. And that is how I brought my Spanish grade to an “A” from junior year to senior year. If you are down or failing, it does not have to be that way. With a change in heart and all, you will be better and realize your goals, or find a stronger purpose in life. Not everything we intend works, but we find something better along the way :). I chased being a meteorologist and decided to become a teacher, because I feel passionate about making a difference.

281 282

On that note, I have got to tell you that it all starts up in your mind. When you smile, it makes you look at things better and you calm down and approach things with a passion. Then that will lead to passion building up and see why life is worth living. You are alive to do something positive, now let’s make a difference. So why don’t we do what we do best, if you like drawing, draw away as we need more creative ideas here to improve or just enlighten ourselves. Teaching, snaps the football, play video games, keep being you. Let me say that you all enlighten me. Everyone who cleans, works, invents, studies, or does whatever they do with a passion and effort always cheers me up. Then things will do well, as what happens is part action and part reaction by ourselves. And the sooner you smile, the sooner the negatives will end. Also set goals and reward yourself for all the great you do. You are with yourself for a very long time, so make the most out of it. Also enjoy the process along the way. We all got goals, I get that, even my dog does :). Enjoy the way and you will learn new things. For example, when I was heading to Boston, I went the inland route and bypassed I-95, by using I-83 in Baltimore, to I-81, to I-84, and to I-90 straight on to Boston. I found some great mountain scenery and some cool countryside that I would missed if I went up I-95. Take your time and be efficient and you will be fine, as long as you are on the road to improvement and awesomeness.

283 284 285


I like learning about the Interstate system, because they are metaphors that connect different things in life and different choices and while interstates overlap, they ultimately go their own way. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start on a journey to be who you want to be. Then we will be positive. Let’s hit the expressway and be awesome. When you know that you did something positive and that is right is when you close your eyes and feel all that passion. Don’t let others and stereotypes direct you down one path, do what you one.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than :)

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Art, the Factory of Expression

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Today I had the pleasure of wandering around Alexandria for the first time in 2014. I have got to tell you wandering there always brightens me up and I find inspiration. Whether it is walking through architecture and learning about the founding of our nation or whether it is walking across the Wilson Bridge and viewing the DC Skyline, I am always happy in Alexandria. I logged 16 miles there, a personal best in a single day.

274 275


I have mentioned in earlier blog entries that art is the avenue to expressing and improving ourselves. Well today, I spent 2 hours today in the Torpedo Art Factory, literally a factory that was renovated to a place where artists work and you can ask them about their work. I saw photographers, sculptors, mosaics, painters, and drawers. What stood out to me in our conversations was how they used this to express new ideas and how we can inspire each other. When I told them that I was a writer, they wanted to see my blog and they said “Welcome to the club Peekay.” These arts are ways to show great places and also convey deeper messages through the different shades and show the angles of life. Also with music, movies, and my personal favorite, theater or acting, that are ways to convey something and take you away to another world while still being in your seat. Just like my buddy Jemarc, did in The Container to show the troubles of immigrant being smuggled into countries. Also when I wrote my end of semester play to diffuse tension and makes some days. Also singing is a good way to describe feelings or have great memories or inspire others. Writing this blog is an art, because I can express my emotions and convey a difference. Through art we can really learn more and also be who we want to be. Balance is important, shout out to Erica :).

277 278

After the art factory, I walked through the parks and returned to the Wilson Bridge. Exactly a year ago on the last Friday of Spring Break 2014, I walked the Wilson Bridge for the first time! I remember staring over the DC skyline and wondering how I have grown, where I have come from, where I am as a person today, and where do I want to go. What do you know, I stood at the exact same spot, about halfway across the bridge and thought the same things. I believe that I have grown in many ways in the past year. I learned more about websites, I have really harnessed passion, and really saw my view of life and redefined my purpose as one that wants to make a difference each and everyday. Also I thought about how my writing skills have improved. Just like Washington DC is our past, present, and future, it is a metaphor for what will happen to me in the future. The DC skyline always inspires me as I think about how lucky I am to live in the United States and I can be who I want to be. All I have to do is do it!

279 280

On a final note, as Spring Break is nearing its end, I logged 40 miles of walking this break, a personal best in a week :). Went 12 miles in Baltimore, 16 in Alexandria, and 12 in DC. On my walks, I learn about myself and how to better others and I find positive concepts in everything I see. Like the Wilson Bridge, I see it as a metaphor for connecting concepts in school to real life or ways to connect to others to be positive and make friendships. Keep being awesome my friends :)

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO (Be Creativity like a BAM)

Meteorologist Peekay Than

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Baltimore the Port of Positivity

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay :). Today I ventured and walked 12 miles today around Baltimore. The reason I like Baltimore is because of the unique structure and how I can find inspiration. Also I had some great childhood memories in the Inner Harbor. Also my Ravens are in Baltimore too :). So today I walked around the Harbor, hung out on Federal Hill, walked around the stadiums, and Little Italy. I know, it sounds like another Perky Peekay skip around Charm City. But the reason that I do the same things pretty much in Charm City, because it has a deeper meaning to me.

255   258

When I sat on Federal Hill today, I looked over the city and how I try to look at life as a bird-eye view or a panoramic view of a situation. That helps me think about the different perspectives and try to incorporate things I learn to better myself. Also I reflect on how I have grown as a person and how I can improve. Looking at the skyline and the city lets me compare how the city has improved and how there are still really bleak areas that are being improved, but still need a decent amount of work. That is like we all are as a person. We have really great spots, like downtown, but some outer areas or other problems that need some work, myself included. With feedback and motivation we can all better ourselves. We may never be perfect, but I can not define a perfect person or anyone can, because we all have different definitions of it, so stop saying you are or you will be, because you will not. DON’T BE ASHAMED, BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME THE WAY YOU ARE GOD DAMN IT!!!! Also I wrote a haiku on how life is and how we can better it and paint a great picture.

As the clouds flow over the harbor and I see their fleeting features, we all are flowing like clouds chasing dreams and all. We all have silver linings and dark sides. We can always lighten things up and darken things up. Show us your silver linings and the world will be much better :)

259 260

Continuing on from silver linings, a few of my friends are doing volunteer work to make the city a better place. Shout out to Nancy, my friend who is volunteering in East Baltimore to make a difference. From, helping homeless people become useful parts of society to helping at schools, to volunteering at a feast for “people afflicted with chronic diseases”, they really are helping making the world a better place. These movements can show care and bring back that positive drive to do what they do best.  I applaud these movements and just doing something nice for someone can really pay off as they start doing something positive. FIRST DOWN, FIRST DOWN!!!

261  (photo of Nancy volunteering, all credit goes to her :) )

Returning to my day, I walked around the stadiums and learned about Baltimore as a port city. It was a major port to start the birth of the nation as it imported steel and had major industries. Also it helped defend a British invasion in the War of 1812. Also it exports automobiles and electronics. Since a port is where ideas are traded, think of your mind and interactions as a  port to learn new ideas and start something positive. Where we can trade great ideas and learn something great to better ourselves, like a city trade to better its economy and create jobs or in our case create positive contributions. Also the waterways are like paths to better ourselves. Finally, the Ravens are a source of inspiration to me as they have so many great stories and they overcome bad referee calls and injuries to beat great teams and win Super Bowl XLVII. Going to the stadiums bring me this feeling that I can hardly explain, as its so profound. It is being soaked in and feeling all that passion on the field. What even makes it better is the referees who bring inspiring lessons like Tony Corrente, who fought back cancer to return to the field. One thing I took from the video of him is “I am flying over a vast expanse of land that was settled and so many great things happen.” Thank you Tony for being inspiring and cheering me up. Hope to see you officiating in Baltimore this year and I wished I had you as a teacher, because you were something. What makes someone great is the positives they bring!

257 256

Explore around and try to use metaphors to make a positive difference. Also one small act in the community can go a long way.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than


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Life is Transient

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. As I have been going to DC over break and getting ahead on school work along with reflecting on life. I have been asked by buddies and people all over on how I enjoy each moment and really make a big deal out of nothing. To be honest my friends, I do, because each moment is unique, just like each day and each snowflake is unique. Also you all are unique, so you can try to idolize and imitate them, but you will always be you. So stop trying to be someone else and trying to relive certain days. Just be you and find differences and also by blogging or writing about your days can see how unique people are. Also watch out for stereotypes or grouping things together as concepts. While people can be similar, their ideas and cool facts make them unique. I identified by my unique hat, my blog, my voice, and the clothes that I wear.

249   250


On that note, I look back on last Spring Break where I walked 26 miles and spent lots of time outside. This break is a bit colder, as we had a snowstorm and had a 70 degree day the first day. So instead of trying to replicate what I did last break, I decided to take what the weather offered me. So as the first few days were cold, I chose to get ahead on work and watch some Pixar movies. Also I got to help some neighbors out by shoveling them out during our surprise snowstorm of 9 inches. I got to tell you that I am lucky to have awesome neighbors. One house I shoveled out, they brought by cookies for me and $20, while another gave me $25, while I only charged $15. Also it pays off to be nice to others, as they will reciprocate. Also it makes you feel good. I can not tell you how many times that I did something nice for others that it made my day better. For example on a bad day, I went to work early and helped some customers out and got ahead on work and that made my day, through the compliments from the customers and the bosses. Also these moments are never identical as they pass on. But what makes them special is that thinking about them always cheers you up and says “Ah life is worth living.” Also what makes each day unique is that you learned something new and the years and months and days usually alters it up. SO HA!!

251  252

To be more specific, each time I visit Baltimore, I eat at different places and meet awesome people. Also I travel down different streets and the uniqueness makes life feel more natural. Just like life, we do routine things, but there is something unique as different songs could be on or we talk to different people. Also there are different ways to get the same idea or destination. Just like I could go up I-95 to I-93 to Boston, I can also take the scenic route inland and avoid all that damn toll.


The point is enjoy each day to the fullest. Cause if its 70 degrees one day, there could be a snowstorm or an arctic blast the next day for all we know. Believe it or not, people life changes so fast that you won’t recognize what happened. So enjoy each day and be nice! What do you say Crush?



Peekay: Fin on over dude. That’s sweet?

Crush: Totally Mate! See you later dude!

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than

Crush: Good day mates :)

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