I Listen to Everyone Aaron/I Never Knew That

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay! The title is based off of what I heard in Sound FX of Super Bowl XLV between Referee Walt Anderson and Super Bowl MVP QB Aaron Rodgers. Walt was telling Aaron why he listened to all players and I agree with him. In general, I believe that listening can help so many problems and kudos to you Walt for listening to all players!!!! Even if a call goes against my Ravens, after calming down, I usually think its fair. Hope to see you officiating in Baltimore this season! As I was saying, I believe through listening to everyone we can really make a positive difference. Every morning working at the Campus Store/Daily Grind, I strive to listen to customers to offer positive advice and to remember there orders. Just the other day, I cheered some people who came off a bad morning. Just by listening to their problems and cheering them up with inspirational quotes and saying that I thank them for being them, really went a long way. They came back a few days later to thank me for cheering them up and listening. In fact listening will help break barriers. On the Metro, I talked to different people and cheered them up. By listening to their stories and respecting them, they listened to my advice!!! I even cheered up a police officer by thanking him for keeping us safe. One of the best things I enjoy in life is meeting new folks. Whether it be on the train, at college, on the bus, in the neighborhood, at the restaurant, or anywhere in person, I meet someone awesome all the time! So listen and be yourself. There are plenty of awesome people out there.

406 407

408 409 (Walt)

Also I make it a goal to learn something new everyday. Learning doesn’t have to be so damn hard folks!!! In fact learning can be fun! Call me a minority, a nerd, or crazy, but I always enjoyed the first day of school. A chance to start fresh and learn new things. That way I can find better ways to make a positive difference in the world. That helps one keep moving down the river of life. So folks with some positive connections to life, learning ain’t so bad.


Listen and then you will learn from others! And Walt keep doing what you do!

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than

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The Trail and Park of Freedom

What’s up world? It’s your boy Peekay. I just came back for a 5-day trip in Boston, where I was born. I have got to tell you that I feel closer to American history! I walked the Freedom Trail, threw tea into the harbor, went to Fenway Park, and went to 2 different states Massachusetts and New Hampshire! No matter where I go, I usually find one thing uplifting about each place. I really read about how much sacrifice that everyone went through to get to this great nation! So I recommend that you all take some time this summer to see history. You appreciate different areas. On this trip, I saw where Paul Revere started his famous “The regulars are coming” march and the Boston Tea Party ship, I thought about how many great ideas start. And how leaders such as Samuel Adams and Paul Revere really took initiative to rally the troops and show the Red Coats that they are for real and started this great nation!!! Also how one decision can really make a difference in the world!!! Just like the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth in 1918 leading to the Curse of the Bambino and they got Curt Shilling and determined to knock the Yankees out on the way to winning the 2004 World Series and ending the curse! I saw many great places here, but there are a few places that stick out. Those places are Fenway Park, Freedom Trail, the Greenway, and Ward Reservation, because of their deeper meaning.

394 395

Fenway Park, not just because the Red Sox play there, but because of all the history and passion there! My Red Sox came back from the brink of elimination in the 2004 American League Championship to beat the Yankees and break the Curse and set unprecedented records to win a World Series and into a perennial competitor. When walking in, I could feel the passion and energy of gameday that vibrates through me and brightens my day. Also I can feel excitement for a new game and a new season! Despite all mistakes and everything, all players overcome adversity to become champions or become famous. That is why I watch sports so much. Also represents where you can learn from the past and better yourself. You can let things either own you, define you, or better you! Such as my seminar class freshman year only propelled me to better my writing skills!

396 399

Freedom Trail is another place I always visit in Boston, because I always appreciate and live in the moments that help build this nation and all our unalienable rights! From Paul Revere’s house to the Battle of Bunker Hill, naval history, and the graveyards freedom always ring. With these memories and initiative, I feel inspired to better myself. Since my goal is to better myself and help others out, my drive is only enhanced or augmented. And I am started to chart my trail far in life. I believe life is a trail and no matter where we go, we can choose to lead to better, worse, or no change! So let’s trail to optimism. We all have a chance to be something positive.

397 398


The Greenway, because it is a wonderful strip of parks and unique plants in the city and nature helps me calm and return to my optimism drive! When I was in Boston, I meditated and ate ice cream in the Greenway. My mind could clear the rush of the city and I felt clear. Nature helps me think straight and makes me work faster and more refreshed. Also I felt glad that we allow some health and an oasis in a busy city. So in every city, I spend a few hours in a park or in Baltimore Federal Hill and I can reflect clearer. On a larger scale, this means that there is optimism everywhere.

400 401 402

Finally Ward Reservation, because of the bird’s eye view of things! Not just because of the nature. The Reservation is about 25 miles northwest of Boston and I can see country and the city! The dichotomy there shows the differences in the world and how we can all be awesome and really help each other out! We are unique and don’t be ashamed of your differences!!!

403 404 405


There are so many deeper meanings in the world. If you look around anywhere, you can learn anything. There is more to any place than just another town.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than

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Powerful Pride

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been thinking about how to make the most mundane task marvelous. It is called pride. Pride is proud or deep pleasure of something. Long story short, take pride in your work. That way you will want to enhance your progress along with spread optimism around the world. Take work this morning at the Daily Grind. Most people say oh shit its Monday Morning and just groan through the day. But I enjoy work, because I take pride in my job. From cleaning, to restocking lids, to ringing up customers, I enjoy every part of my job, because I see it as a purpose to be a positive avenue into the community and I feel proud of the smiles I spread. From the optimism, everyone else is happy and more friends come to cheer you up. Sometimes I have friends who come over to make my day. Well, I am glad you come by to say hi to me. I always enjoy your company!!! From there, I see customers who are down come by to see me and then leave with smiles. That empowers me and then I spread it on with my life. With pride, you enjoy life and help others. Its starts with you and then you keep going. So take pride my friends!!!

389 390


It never fails to warm my heart when I help become positive. I keep thinking back to Julius West Middle School where I became positive, started taking pride, and really left a positive legacy there. Just the other day, I e-mailed Mr. Davidson, an administrator at JW who was a major key in me becoming a positive person. I thanked him for all he did for me and helping me becoming a teacher, he responded with “You will ALWAYS be welcome” at JW, because I spread happiness to all. That meant a lot, because I always await until I can return there. My heart always races when I approach the entrance as I relive the moments that turned me positive. On a bad day, just coming by turns my frown upside down into a smile and I return to life stronger than ever!! And I will be back JW, I don’t know when, but I will be back eventually before everyone I know there retires!!!


I also want to talk about how pride is a key to turn dreams into reality! With pride, you take passion and then that is your dreams directing your path. With dreams you take it out in pride and then you build on it from there!!! From there, you will help others chase your dreams. Pride is powerful and if used correctly, can turn a whole room and eventually take over the world with optimism. For example, I took pride to make the job fun and turn the store into fun and soon everyone came to work with passion. Also, I turn my grade around along with turning to class more positive and more interactive. We all have power to make things positive, so just use some pride and the results will better yourself more than you can imagine! You can be a superhero by being positive and make a difference.

392 393

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than :)

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There is Optimism in Every Corner.

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. I have been writing a play, so I haven’t been spending too much time blogging. Well Fourth of July has come and gone and I want to give a loud shout out and thanks to those who defend our freedom!!! With that in mind, I want to talk about how it never fails to amaze me how much optimism is everywhere. At work, on the train station, at school, at the waterfront, NFL officiating, or just anywhere there is optimism. For example, when I get up for work, I enjoy helping customers out. Just seeing them and cheering them up with some optimism and offering to clean the mugs they bring for coffee to enhance their beverage enjoyment. By offering to go above and beyond, the job is more fun as more people appreciate you more and you are more encouraged to do better and from there you are empowered to help others. Then my day is made and I continue my work to make other people’s days. It is a positive feedback of optimism. If you think you can, you will. Just like I brought We all have different definitions of happiness. My personal definition of happiness is when you walk around positively, you are satisfied and when your actions or what you see arouses positive emotions that encourage you to keep going. And just around every corner there is happiness. Just keep smiling and doing nice things and happiness will find you.

383 384

With any big project in life, there will be ups and downs and optimism around every corner and at the end with true effort. Just take the Big Dig in Boston, a $22 billion project burying I-93 under the city, building a new Zakim Bridge, wrecking the elevated freeway, and putting a park. It was a great project that led to positive remarks, but let’s talk about persistence. With the construction, there were costs overruns, funding issues, lawsuits, faulty materials, and resident complaints. Despite the fact, there were engineering prescedents set along with decreased traffic time, gentrification, more beauty to Boston, property values increased along with a drop of 12% in air pollution. Also along the way, a larger sense of community, along with excellent team work, and a better downtown and better economics. Fred Salvuchi made the Big Dig come true through persistence and helped make Boston a better city. Just like, I pulled my grade up to an “A” from a “D” in Psychology. Also I became positive and got through frustration to fix the Campus Store laptops/laptop bundles through one step at a time and finding resources to fix coding issues. Anything is possible with the mind and with some changes, you can turn almost anything positive,.

385 386 387

There is optimism everywhere. With an open mind and positive thinking you can find it and better your life.


Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than

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It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. What a Terrific Top Thursday it has been my friends. Got lots of work done at my job and also cheered other people up. While surfing my News Feed on Facebook and seeing people complain, I thought about how a positive attitude can turn things around. As people, I believe everything starts in the mind! Then we turn into tangible actions that manifests themselves around other people. We have control, but we need to declare it and keep it going. I enjoy work, because I can help customers along with make a difference in their days, while helping the managers, and make money for my Boston trip, while using this an avenue to carry out my keystone value of inspiring others. I can tell you that always helps bring a smile to your face. With that, we all have a purpose here :). FUCK YEAH LET’S DO IT!!! So before you complain next, think how important you are for the job. Here is a loud thank you for everyone who does what they do!!!! You all help us out one way or another. You all inspire me!!!!

380 381

Another way to be positive is take pride and personal ownership in what you do. That way Just the other day, I read about how Nordstorm’s has great customer service through passion and taking pride. Through each sales associate working in their location as entrepreneurs and using creativity, one is able to invest and create strong relationships, while enjoying their jobs and helping the store out by using creativity and pride. The same is true in everything that you do. The effort will be more original and will incorporate more intrinsic motivation, which is the best motivation. Such motivation for me is making a difference and help people get going. Also being driven by passion. Through that, I have turned regular tasks into something fun, such as submitting a big paper or taking an exam. Most people think, oh shit we have an exam. I think oh sweet another chance to really prove myself.

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than

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Chance Wave

What’s up world? Its your boy Peekay. Well its the time when we have heat waves coming on up faster than a Blue Norther whistling through Texas YEE-HAW!!!!! Well I have some different ways of viewing the heat wave. Literally, we can consider it an opportunity to go swimming and get ahead on reading. But also we can consider it the right time to take a chance to really go ahead and make a difference. I was inspired by reading a story of liberal arts changing a former drug dealer, Donnell Hughes imprisoned to really get a chance. Through empowering education, he has a better view of life and is studying for a bachelor’s and enjoying a second chance at life, after 20 years in prison. Here is the link http://www.npr.org/blogs/ed/2014/06/21/315235978/a-former-drug-dealer-gives-a-great-defense-of-the-liberal-arts. So don’t give up on school or anything, it is an avenue to a second chance.

378 379

From my experiences, everyone deserves a chance. I have made some great friends, just by giving people a second chance. With one experience, you do not see everything. For example, I met this cranky girl on the path that was not the friendliest. When I met her the second time, I held the door for her and offered a cookie and her reaction could not be more different. She apologized for her disrespect and said I was very considerate. Then we talked it over about being more positive and she resolved to be more positive and we became good friends. Long story short, there is good everywhere. Just give it a chance. Personally, I retook my first year seminar class after only getting a D+ and I scored an “A” and gained priceless writing skills that improved my writing immeasurably and developed a passion for writing. Also, WR Jacoby Jones got a second chance in Baltimore after being cut by Houston and so far he has been a big play machine! Glad you are staying in Baltimore Jacoby!

374 375

So as people ask me, Hey Peekay how do you give people a chance? Well I’m glad that you asked! You start by viewing that we are awesome in our own ways. Then start polite and show respect and usually they will return. Also you talk about things they are interested in or inspire them and they will be motivated to do better. I remember in high school, I motivated some friends to bring up their calculus by telling them to keep at it and helped them improve to an “A”. Also when Mr. Leary reached out to me, I pulled my Spanish grade to an “A”. Motivate and then they usually will step up. Sometimes it won’t work. Don’t worry about it, because its there loss. But remember, there is more good than bad and people will accept your chance. Just ask Andy Reid and Alex Smith of Kansas City Chiefs. They went from 2-14 to 11-5 and made the playoffs. Now let’s get that Super Bowl Alex, because I like you and you have been disrespected for too damn long my friend. You too Andy, I have tons of respect for you and want you to have a Lombardi. GO CHIEFS!!!

376 377

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than



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Ego vs Optimism

What’s up world? I have been thinking about how we are driven to improve ourselves. One must live with a drive to do better, if one wants to improve. I have seen through passion that when we identify mistakes, we were able to build on them and do better. However, egos usually get in the way. I define ego as we are perfect. I think we are awesome, but we all have flaws. The thing I ponder about is why do we expect others to be perfect? I believe that we need to be driven to do better, but perfection is so abstract and flawed. With so called errors, could end up being redeeming qualities. For example, people who talk in class too much can be diverted to help others through talking and discussing. That way we can use our strengths to help each other out.

367 368

On that note, let’s talk about improving ourselves. The best way to improve yourself is through finding things that are dissatisfying and knock back your ego. We all like to say we are great, but there is always this feeling that we can improve and sense. Listen to it every now and then, but don’t worry it. Turn those doubts and criticisms into something positive. I recommend starting by setting a plan and reward yourself at the end. I jacked my psych grade up to an “A” by setting goals and developing momentum by connecting psych to blogging and really making studying fun. Through shutting down my ego a bit and then being optimistic, I improved my grade and empowered myself. Anything is possible if you identify the problem, set goals, and go with it!!! When you are positive, your actions will begin to reflect your mood and then your actions will inspire positive actions and then it just keeps going. It will cheer you up faster than Jacoby Jones returning a punt for a touchdown!!! GO RAVENS!!!! It starts up in your mind and then proceeds onwards. If you have any questions about positive thoughts feel free to contact me :). But before I go, I have a few tips for you. Think about the positives each day, whether it is someone who said hi to you or one who gave you extra money or is cheerful. Or it can be the Ravens won, “A” on a test, and then build off of that. You will feel uplifted and motivated.

369 370

Carpe Diem and YO YO YOLO

Meteorologist Peekay Than :)

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